Monday, 8 February 2010

Week of 6 October 1947

Monday, 6 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mrs O'Leary started morning work here and did very well. Felt tired in the afternoon and had tea upstairs in my room; came down later on and made some jam.

Tuesday, 7 October

Did some local shopping in the morning. Mabel came to tea in the afternoon and we had it out on the loggia. She looked very tired and nervy. After tea I took up the petunias from the front garden.They have been a lovely sight.

Rang up Anne after supper. She sounded a bit low as Pips had departed and Sarah had a nasty cold and cough.

Wednesday, 8 October

Shopped in the morning and ordered the first Xmas present - 12 pillow cases for Bet from Walpole. Cut the lawn and weeded paths after tea. Mrs O'Leary settling down well.

Thursday, 9 October

In the afternoon I went to the A&N stores and bought a couple of blankets to make a dressing gown.

Worked in garden after tea.

Friday, 10 October

Aunt Julia (aged 93) came to lunch which she seemed greatly to enjoy. I had cooked it. The car came for her soon after 3 o'clock and she drove me back to Earls Court where I did a little shopping before having tea with Lil. She has been poorly and certainly looks so.

Saturday, 11 October

Shopped locally in the morning. In the afternoon did a lot of tidying up in the garden - taking down runner beans, etc.

Sunday, 12 October

Pippa slept here

I met Lil at Chatham House at 11 o'clock for 2 lectures on Pakistan and India given by a Muslim and a Hindu respectively, with Sir Frederick Whyte in the chair. Both lectures were very interesting. Between the two we had a very good munch at the Piccadilly Grill Room.

I got back about 5 o'clock feeling very tired. Pippa arrived about 9.30 on her way back from her visit to James. She was looking very fit.

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