Monday, 15 February 2010

Week of 15 December 1947

Monday, 15 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Slept beautifully and feel a lot better. Went down to Clifton Road in the morning. In the afternoon Evelyn Hepher came to tea. In the evening Wilma rang up and we had a lovely long talk. They are inconceivably busy. I rang up Pips. She had fetched James back by car as he has got a sore throat, but it does not seem to be bad.

Tuesday, 16 December

Reg slept here

I stayed indoors all morning for Dr Moncrieff who did not turn up till after 2 o'clock. She thought I had had gastroenteritis, but was over it, and found me better than last visit and a better colour. Blood pressure 160. After she left I went to Liverpool St station to retrieve Anne's hat box containing Christmas presents. Brought it back by taxi.

Reg arrived for tea, not feeling up to much.

Dr Moncrieff's 5th visit this quarter

Wednesday, 17 December

Reg left after breakfast to meet Joan at Paddington. I hope he has not got flu. I seem to have got a fresh cold and stayed in bed all morning. After lunch took a taxi to Mabel with all Anne's Christmas presents for the aunts. Mabel in bed and not looking up to much but better after tea and crumpets. I did up her parcels and got back here about 6.30 feeling none the worse.

Thursday, 18 December

I went out to Hampstead Garden Suburb to fit my suit. Very nice. Lunched at Four Ways Restaurant afterwards and did some shopping at Oxford Street on my back.

Friday, 19 December

Shopped in morning and got an ice brick for the Flecker lunch. Pips and the three children turned up soon after 1 o'clock. A delightful and excited family. They greatly enjoyed the lunch and James manipulated the lift. Afterwards they all bussed to Olympia for the Circus. I went with them as far as Ken. High St where I got a nice umbrella for Mabel and me to give Enid. Then on to Mabel for a few minutes. Then to Jane Morris where I bought a black hat. Back to tea. Phoned Anne in the evening. She sounded cheerful.

Saturday, 20 December

Lunched early and met Enid at 1 o'clock at the Curzon Cinema to see the Technicolor of the Royal Wedding and Vivere in Pace. Rather disappointed in both. Then went out to tea with Lil. Felt very tired. Reg rang up.

Sunday, 21 December

Felt poorly but went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel. After lunch went and sat with Mabel who is still in bed, and looking very poorly. I also went to Aunt Julia for a few minutes. Got back here at 6.30, feeling better than when I started.

Bet rang up in the evening to tell me that it is fixed up for Hester to go to Langford Grange near Lewes next term, and that they would be very glad of my financial help.

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