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Week of 22 December 1947

Monday, 22 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Distressing news this morning that Mr Smith had had a haemorrhage last night and will have to keep his leg up. Margaret, Mab's help, also in bed so her domestic position is very difficult.

I spent the afternoon with her. She is still in bed but I thought she seemed better. Went in to see Enid for a few minutes.

In the morning did some successful shopping in Piccadilly. Rang up Anne this evening. Sarah has been in bed for 3 days with a temp but seemed better and cooler this evening.

Tuesday, 23 December

Shopped locally in the morning and after lunch bussed out to Bernard (tailor) and came back in my new tweed suit. I think it is a great success.

Felt very tired most of the day. Cold dry weather. Lil gave Mabel her tea. She was up in the drawing room for the first time and sounds definitely better.

Pips rang up this evening, and I rang up Reg.

Wednesday, 24 December

Shopped in morning and after lunch bussed in to S Ken, changed my library book, etc. etc. Spent the afternoon with Mabel who is not looking too bad. Looked in on Enid afterwards, and then on the Gerald Thompsons on my way back, and brought Frances a toy. Got a great welcome and a drink.

Rang up Anne after supper. Sarah was better and downstairs. Wilma rang me up and gave a great account of the Studley preparations.

Thursday, 25 December

Woke feeling even more tired than usual! Went to 10.15 Communion at St Mark's Hamilton Terrace and afterwards went to Enid's Christmas lunch - the four sisters and Amy Birch - a very good lunch but I felt too tired to enjoy it much. Mabel also looked very poorly.

We listened to the King's Speech and I got back here about 4.30. Lit drawing room fire and had a comfortable tea on the sofa, and afterwards opened my presents - some very nice ones.

Thunder and heavy rain later.

Friday, 26 December

Had a splendid night but woke feeling rotten and send for Dr Moncrieff just before lunch. She thinks she can help the catarrh. For the rest it is just the same old tiresome nervous trouble. Immediately after lunch I went down to the Abbey where I met Enid, Lil and the Admiral Deanery, and we all sat in the Dean's pew for the Abbey carol service - very beautiful. Then on to tea with Mabel who has been in bed all day but was looking better. Looked in on Peggy Richardson to see a possible Swedish made for Mabel but not suitable. Feeling better this evening.

Dr Moncrieff's 6th visit this quarter.

Saturday, 27 December

Feeling better today. Shopped locally and lunched here. Afterwards went to Mabel. She was up in the drawing room. Atkinson had seen her and told her not to stop in bed. After tea went over to Enid for a bit. She is taking the day in bed.

Rang up Anne and heard that Sarah had been poorly over Xmas, but is better now. Alice has had bad earache and Bet was in bed today from exhaustion.

Sunday, 28 December

Slept well and woke feeling much better. Went to morning service and carols at St John's Wood Chapel and then bussed to Lil for lunch. Walked from there to the Oratory for carols again. Very beautiful. Then on to tea with Mab who looked a bit better.

This evening rang up Wenham. Bet in bed - just exhausted, she said. Alice who has had bad earache was better. The abscess has subsided.

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