Saturday, 6 February 2010

Week of 15 September 1947

Monday, 15 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Slept well and felt rather less exhausted today. A lovely autumn tang in the air. Heard from Bet asking me to put up H and A on Thursday when Pont is taking them to a show.

Anne is due to camp at Trough End tonight.

Had telephone talks with Pippa, Bet and Anne after supper. The latter from Trough End. She sounded quite cheerful.

Tuesday, 16 September

Felt rather under the weather. Mabel came out to tea. I thought she looked very poorly.

Rang up Anne after supper. Hester was spending the evening with her.

Wednesday, 17 September

Anne turned up for lunch. Very tired but full of talk about the house. Went off afterwards and bought flooring for the dining room at Gorringes. Came back to tea. Afterwards the Milroys came in for a drink on their way to a concert and then, unexpectedly, Mrs Sutcliffe (Norah Howe's friend) to see if my downstairs room was vacant! I should not wish to let it to her if it were. Anne did a great deal of phoning in the evening, and I also rang up Reg.

Thursday, 18 September

Anne, Hester and Awly slept here

Very heavy rain during the night and Anne was up putting basins to catch the water in the spare rooms. She went off after breakfast to take up the inventory of the flat., and came back for lunch. Then went again in a taxi full of stuff from the house and came back with Yvonne Scott to tea here. James Scott had already arrived, and soon afterwards Pont, Hester and Awly arrived and had tea. Later still Dr Moncrieff turned up and had a long interview with Anne in my bedroom. She wants to see her again in a month.

Dr Moncrieff's first visit to Anne this quarter.

Friday, 19 September

Reg slept here

Anne left at 8.30 for the flat and Pont called for Hester and Awly about 9.30. Anne got back for lunch after Jocelyn of Braintree had removed all the furniture. She left in a taxi soon after 3 o'clock to catch a train down to Colchester.

Reg arrived about 4 o'clock and had tea, but left soon afterwards to take Aline to a play. I rang up Anne later and heard there had been various mishaps but she was tremendously pleased with a letter and cheque she had found waiting for her from Reg.

Saturday, 20 September

Reg and Joan slept here

Reg heard this morning from Aline that she had to go back to Weymouth, so I arranged for Joan to come here for the week-end. Reg brought her along after having tea with Mabel. A wet evening so they stayed at home instead of going out to a film.

I felt wretchedly tired. Rang up Anne and heard that all her furniture had been got in satisfactorily, though in pouring rain.

Sunday, 21 September

Reg and Joan slept here

Felt awfully tired and stayed in bed most of the morning. Joan also as she woke with a slight go of asthma. We all lunched at the Czechoslovak Restaurant and later Reg took Joan to tea at a Lyons Corner House and on to a film, only getting back in time for supper.

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