Saturday, 6 February 2010

Week of 22 September 1947

Monday, 22 September

Reg slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Joan was poorly and was such in Piccadilly Circus station! Reg saw her off at Paddington after lunch. I still feel very tired.

Tuesday, 23 September

Reg and Pippa slept here

Woke feeling very tired. Martin sent men round to see to the roof, lavatory, etc. Reg went off early to the farm. Mabel and I lunched at the Clifton Restaurant and afterwards went to Gorringe where I bought birthday toys for Alice and Barnaby. Bought rissoles at Selfridge's for dinner and left them there! Busy in the kitchen. Pips turned up soon after 6 o'clock - straight from the Mansion House and looking very smart, and Reg soon after 7 o'clock.

We had drinks and a nice dinner but I felt too exhausted to enjoy myself.

Wednesday, 24 September

Reg slept here

Woke feeling exhausted. Reg persuaded me to ring up Patience and ask them to postpone coming till next Wednesday. They had been dining tonight. Glad to stay in bed where I had my lunch. Mrs Monty, alas, turned up unexpectedly in the middle of it and came up and sat in my bedroom for an hour. Very trying! She was delighted with the house. Pips did a very successful day's shopping, and had a hurried cup of tea with me before returning to CH. Reg saw Joan's doctor and then went off for a walk.

Thursday, 25 September

Reg slept here

A lovely autumn's day and I felt rather better. Rang up Dr Moncrieff and she arranged to come and see me today. Lunched with Enid (a lovely duck!) and came back immediately afterwards to be home for Dr Moncrieff's visit. She gave me a great overhaul and as usual found nothing organic amiss but has changed my medicine.

Rang up Anne and fixed up about Saturday.

Dr Moncrieff's 4th visit to me this quarter.

Friday, 26 September

Reg slept here

Still felt very exhausted. Did a little local shopping in the morning. A lovely afternoon. Sat out on the loggia and darned stockings. Had tea out.

Reg was at the farm all day.

Saturday, 27 September

47 Hamilton Terrace - Trough End, Boxted

Reg and I taxied to Liverpool St and caught the 11.35 train to Colchester. We had lunch at the Red Lion where Reg is stopping the weekend. Then drove out to Anne's house and found Anne and Sarah waiting for us at their yellow garden gate. Very pleased with the place. In fact far nicer than we had ever hoped for. Had a lovely tea after we had seen everything and then Reg went for a walk before going back to drive to the Trust House. House most comfortable. Anne has done wonders in the week. Lovely sitting out sunny weather.

Sunday, 28 September

Trough End

Took Soneryl and had a lovely night but didn't wake rested and took most of the morning in bed. Fine but too chilly to sit out. Reg arrived in time for lunch (a lovely Sunday prewar dinner) and Bet and Pont came out to tea. Everything very easy and pleasant but I felt too tired to enjoy it as much as I otherwise would.


  1. Don't see why Alice should have birthday toys as well as me!

  2. Well, you mean thing! Wasn't this supposed to go someway to making up to me for my largely ignored birthday just before Christmas?

    Once you were at boarding school neither of us got much attention!