Monday, 22 February 2010

Week of 16 February 1948

Monday, 16 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt poorly on waking and rang up Dr Moncrieff who will come and see me tomorrow or next day. But I felt better later on.

In the afternoon I went to Miss Messenger and got my feet seen to and then on to Mabel and to Enid. They both urged me to go for the Finnish girl whose permit expires at the end of June, so I have written to suggest she comes to me on 1st March when she leaves her place in Gloucestershire.

Tuesday, 17 February

I stayed in all the morning for Dr Moncrieff but she did not turn up. In the afternoon I went to tea with Mabel and met there Maud Grazebrook, Alice Cree, Nan Park and Peggy Richardson. The new Swede had made some very nice cakes.

Wednesday, 18 February

In the morning Dr Moncrieff came - tested heart and blood pressure, both good. Just the same old nervous trouble. She has changed my medicine. In the afternoon I went to the Tate Gallery to see the Marc Chagall exhibition. Interesting though incomprehensible!

Reg rang up in the evening.

Dr Moncrieff's 1st visit this quarter.

Thursday, 19 February

Lunched with Lil who was feeling much better after her sleeping draught. Dr Moncrieff is seeing her this afternoon. Went on to the National Gallery to see Pieter Brueghel's picture of The Adoration of the Magi; also the cleaned pictures.

Got back for tea and found my telephone had been plugged so that I can have it in the drawing room. The lights however have fused there so I am spending the evening in the dining room.

Friday, 20 February

Maude Grazebrook came to tea with me and greatly admired the house.

Saturday, 21 February

Reg slept here

Bitterly cold and a white Hamilton Terrace. Mrs O'Leary and I cleaned the front steps. In the afternoon Reg rang up from the Farm to say his car was not functioning and that he would be coming up by a later train. He did not arrive till after 7 o'clock, perished with cold, and had to thaw in a hot bath before a very late supper.

Sunday, 22 February

Reg slept here

Mary O'Leary nobly came and lit fires for us. Reg cleaned the steps after lunch, and then we sallied forth to see Amy Birch with a bag of provisions and cigarettes, as she was marooned in the house. We got back in time for tea. Tim Milroy rang up later. He and his wife will come in for drinks tomorrow.

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