Sunday, 21 February 2010

Week of 9 February 1948

Monday, 9 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

I lunched at the Earls Court Pub and then went on to see Lil, and discuss the pros and cons of a possible Finnish maid versus Gunvor who now wants to return to London! Have fixed up with the YWCA to go there on Wednesday to see the Finnish girl. Margaret Thompson and Francis came to tea with me, also Joy Rennie who had been doing some more work in my garden.

Tuesday, 10 February

Have felt tired all day. After lunch went down to St James's Palace to see Princess Elizabeth's wedding presents, but my heart failed me at the sight of the queue so I walked across the Park and came home again in time for tea.

Wednesday, 11 February

Dollie Etlinger slept here

Met a young Finnish girl at the YWCA with the intention of engaging her but she could only remain in England till end of June, so did not think it worthwhile. Gave her lunch at restaurant in Great Russell Street, and brought her back here to see over the house, just in case.

Did some cooking in the afternoon, and Dollie Etlinger turned up soon after 6 and had an aperitif before supper. Very pleasant.

Thursday, 12 February

D Etlinger and I breakfasted downstairs at 9 o'clock and she went off soon afterwards.

Met Mabel and Kathleen at the Ballons ? Theatre. A very good entertainment. Went back to tea with Mab and saw her very pretty Swedish maid. Then on to Enid to drop eggs.

Friday, 13 February

Woke very tired and spent the greater part of the morning in bed.

Alice Parsons came to tea with me and I enjoyed having her; felt better afterwards and took a little walk round by Elm Tree Road.

Saturday, 14 February

A grey dismal day and I felt definitely out of sorts. Took a walk in Regent's Park in the afternoon, hoping to shake off my fit of the blues but only succeeded in losing myself!

Sunday, 15 February

I still feel poorly. Bussed to the Lyon's Corner House to get sandwiches for tea, but otherwise stayed in the house. Geraldine Noyes came to tea.

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