Saturday, 20 February 2010

Week of 2 February 1948

Monday, 2 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Did some shopping in the morning and lunched at home. Did a little work in the garden, mostly tidying up - the first I have done this year. A man from Martin's is putting a bit of wallpaper in Miss Hoare's room where some damp has come in.

Charmian and her husband, George Worsley, came in for drinks. I liked him very much and they both seemed awfully happy.

Tuesday, 3 February

I did some shopping in the morning and got through a good many useful home chores.

Wednesday, 4 February

Shopped locally in the morning and did a little gardening after lunch before going to tea with Mabel. I found her in bed feeling very sick and poorly. After tea I went out to see Aunt Julia.

Thursday, 5 February

In the afternoon I went to Bourne and Hollingworth and got myself a brown beret and a pair of woolly gloves

Friday, 6 February

In the afternoon I went to tea with the Crees and met Mrs Davies there.

Heard from Bet this morning that they are negotiating for a farm and it may all be fixed next week.

Saturday, 7 February

This evening I went to Roddy and Diana's cocktail-house warming party. Very pleasant. All three sisters were there, also the Blains, Marcus and Connie Goodbody, Gerald Bourne, Mr Wise, Ella and Alice Cree, and Kathleen Hill.

Sunday, 8 February

I went to morning service in George St chapel to hear Leslie Weatherhead, and afterwards to the Lyon's Corner House to get sandwiches etc. for tea.

Margot Osborne and Joy Rennie arrived about 3 o'clock and dug and forked in the garden till teatime whilst I raked up leaves. Joan Hoare (my tenant) came up to tea with us.

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