Monday, 1 February 2010

Week of 28 July 1947

Monday, 28 July

University House, Birmingham

Back again into the conference routine. Everyone feeling much the better for yesterday's rest.

Tuesday, 29 July

Another busy and interesting morning and some fresh contacts. In the afternoon Lil and I went to Winterbourne. - a lovely garden, lake wood and golf links.

Wednesday, 30 July

A very interesting morning with lectures from Channing Pearce's meditation group. Had our final study group.

In the evening a Brain's Trust, and afterwards a meeting and party which Lil attended but I did not as I was not sure that I had been invited!

Thursday, 31 July

University House, Birmingham - 47 Hamilton Terrace

A very interesting morning session with speeches from all and sundry, and a very characteristic summing up from GH. A hurried lunch and many goodbyes.

We left immediately afterwards in GH's car. A lovely drive but spoilt by GH being obviously very overtired and off colour and abrupt. We had tea at Woodmans and I met all the Howe family including the Lowes [?]. We had a car from there up to town and I reached here before 1 o'clock. Found everything very spick and span. Phoned Enid and Mab. Also Birmingham where we had both left our umbrellas!

Friday, 1 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

I shopped locally in the morning. Lunched early and had my hair washed and waved. Went to tea with Mabel.

Saturday, 2 August

I lunched with Enid, saw Mabel afterwards and got back here for tea.

Sunday, 3 August

I went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel and stayed for the Sung Eucharist. Very well done by a very small choir.

Mabel came to tea and stayed for supper.

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