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Week of 29 September 1947

Monday, 29 September

Reg slept here

Trough End - 47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt a little less tired. Took a very short walk morning and afternoon. A Miss Lefroy who hails from Dundrium [?] called on Anne in the morning and seems very favourably disposed.

Anne and Sarah walked with me to the bus stop and I caught a 5 o'clock bus to Colchester. Reg met me at the station a little later. He had spent the day at Harwich. We dined at the LNER Hotel and got back here about 9.30.

Tuesday, 30 September

Reg slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg went off early to the Farm. I had lunch with Enid and we agreed that she should write to a Norwegian girl Gunvor who used to be her cook in prewar days and who wants to come to England, suggesting that she might come and do for me. I then went over for an early tea with Mabel and got back here soon after 5 o'clock.

Felt definitely better for my weekend with Anne.

Wednesday, 1 October

Reg slept here

Was busy most of the time in the kitchen, preparing for the evening when Mabel and Patience Robb came to dine. It all went very well but I was a bit too tired to enjoy it. Patience brought me a lovely slab of cheese, and Reg gave her a dozen eggs. It was a perfectly lovely day and I had tea out on the verandah.

Have engaged a Mrs O'Leary to take on Celia's job, starting next Monday.

Thursday, 2 October

Reg slept here

I had a preliminary search for a tweed suit or material, as Bet has given me coupons. No luck.

Mabel came out to tea and Reg was here too. He is going to the theatre with Horie's daughter this evening.

Friday, 3 October

Reg slept here

Mabel turned up after lunch, looking ghastly, after a too busy morning and a too early lunch. I gave her tea, toast and a boiled egg and she left soon afterwards. I had an early supper with Enid and we went on together to the Central Hall, Westminster, to hear the last of the Schnabel Chamber Concerts. Very beautiful but very bad acoustics. I found Reg here when I got back. He had been all day at the farm but cooked his dinner here.

Saturday, 4 October

Reg slept here

In the morning Reg drove me down to Liberty's and gave me his opinion of a tweed I had seen the day before. He liked it so I bought it and had it sent direct to Bernard, tailor, at Hampstead Garden Centre who is to make me a suit. After lunch we drove over to S Ken where we sat with Mabel and Enid respectively. Both in bed.

In the evening we went to the Embassy Theatre, Swiss Cottage for the last night of Noel Coward's play, Point Valaine. Very good acting but not a first class play.

Sunday, 5 October

Reg drove me to St John's Wood Chapel for morning service. I walked back and we had an early lunch before he started to drive back to the Farm. He has been here more than a fortnight. I had a pleasant afternoon, tea on the loggia, some weeding in the garden , and in the evening I listened in to a radio version of Richard III. Very good. Pips rang up from Troughend, very pleased with it all.

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