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Week of 27 October 1947

Monday, 27 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Spent the morning in the kitchen roasting Reggie's pheasant and cooking the entire lunch. Mab came out for it. Afterwards Mabel and I drove over to Lil's with her sewing machine which had been overhauled.

I stayed with Lil a short time and then went on to drop eggs for the Mayers but could not get in. Then to tea with Mabel who had Dr Cutler there, and finally to Nan Park to whom I paid a visit and gave eggs.

Tuesday, 28 October

Did some local shopping before lunch and afterwards went to have tea with Lil. Stopped at Knightsbridge on the way and ordered my 1948 Sloane Diary. Lil was taking the day in bed and looked very poorly, but said she felt better than yesterday.

Wednesday, 29 October

Saw Mr Scoular, 48 Wimpole St, at 12.15 today. He is the oculist recommended by Dr Moncrieff. He confirmed that I have cataract in both eyes, but in a very early stage and unlikely to worsen quickly. He has ordered bi-focal glasses and to take Bemax daily.

I lunched at the Duck Inn, Marylebone High Street. Nice but expensive.

Had my first drawing room fire today. Very delightful. Mabel has had very cheerful news from Anne today.

Thursday, 30 October

Reg slept here

Was chiefly busy with household chores, preparing Reggie's dinner etc. He arrived in time for tea, not looking too bad considering all his worries. Gerald Thompson came in about 7 o'clock and stayed for about an hour. After telling us about Phyllis's death under an operation at Exeter Hospital, we switched over to his possible job in the States, and his alternative idea of farming. Reg (who greatly liked him) was greatly in favour of the former.

Friday, 31 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg was out till teatime after which he went to Paddington to meet Joan, who was coming back from her half term.

After supper we went to see Vic Oliver's new show at the Hippodrome - Starlight Roof. Quite a good show in its own line, but it is definitely not my line, and I felt very tired. We did not get back till 11.30, much to Joan's delight.

Saturday, 1 November

Reg and Joan started in the car for the Farm soon after 11 o'clock. They stopped en route to see Lil who is much better today.

I felt tired after a short night and rested for an hour after lunch before going to St Paul's for evensong. Mr Gibbs Smith - the new archdeacon of London - was being inducted as Canon Residentiary. It's All Saints Day and there was a lovely anthem by Stanford.

Sunday, November 2

Went to morning service and then on to lunch with Mabel who was still full of cold, and looking very poorly and depressed. Enid came in for a talk afterwards and then I walked over to Lil (it was raining) and had tea with her. She was also extremely low and looking very shadowy. Got back about 6 o'clock. A very unpleasant day with a high wind.

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