Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Week of 12 April 1948

Monday, 12 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

I took Marjatta to Knightsbridge after lunch to see Harrods Stores etc. and got a frock at Harvey Nichols for Sarah's birthday.

We went to Grosvenor Sq on our way back to see the Roosevelt statue but there was too big a crowd.

I had tea on the loggia and then worked in the garden.

Tuesday, 13 April

The lovely weather goes on. Did the ordinary chores and shopping - had tea on the loggia and worked in the garden.

Wednesday, 14 April

Lunched with Lil having first looked in on Aunt Julia (where I found Nora) and handed in some chocolate for Mab. Lil seemed very poorly at first but cheered up later and got interested in discussion of ways and means. I got back for tea which I had out on the loggia, and afterwards did some gardening. Bet rang up primarily re Awly's birthday, but also told me that the baby might come much earlier and that she would have to move over to Halesworth at latest at the beginning of next month. Rather staggering for her plans, but she sounded very cheery all the same.

Thursday, 15 April

Had a tiring morning getting and packing some contributions for Awly's birthday party. Enid came out to lunch and left soon afterwards. Then I rested till 4.45 when I had to start to have tea with Kathleen Hill after which we went to the Saville Theatre to see the French play Lythom ? Very interesting and well acted but my hearing, sight and French being what it is I missed a great deal. Really too tired to enjoy it.

Friday, 16 April

Another lovely day but I felt very tired. Went down to Oxford St in the morning and got a sky blue cardigan for Awly's present.

Rested after lunch till teatime after which I went to see Margaret Thompson and the new baby.

Rang up both Reg and Wilma in the evening.

Marjatta very upset because I dug my toes in about letting her off before lunch tomorrow. She is inclined to be rather exigeante.

Saturday, 17 April

Felt very tired. Shopped at Clifton Road in the morning. Rested a little in the afternoon. Mr Perry-Gore, the new rector at St John's Wood Chapel, came to an early tea. I quite liked him. Then I went on to Mabel for "drinks" and met Lady Woodwark, Kathleen Hill and Enid Gardyne. I was too tired to enjoy it. Stayed on to supper with Mabel and got back about 9 o'clock. Straight to bed.

Sunday, 18 April

Stayed in bed. Very tired. Lovely day. Gerald and Francis Thompson came along and worked in the garden, and Gerald cut the lawn. I forked the north border.

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