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Week of 5 April 1948

Monday, 5 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

Shopped locally in the morning and went to Camerer Cuss, Shepherd's Bush, in the afternoon to have watch repaired and buy alarm clock. Mabel's Swedish nanny came to tea, and afterwards she and Marjatta went for a walk in Regent's Park.

Tuesday, 6 April

Still feeling very tired. Retrieved my fountain pen at Camerer Cuss in the morning and went to Bourne and Hollingworth in the afternoon to buy a baby shawl for Bet.

Rang up Anne in evening and heard that Peter the PG was safely installed. All going well.

Wednesday, 7 April

Went to Paddington in the morning to see Pips, children and dog depart for the west. Then on to lunch with Lil at her local pub. Got back here soon afterwards. Francis Thompson and his temporary nanny came to play in the garden, and Oswald turned up for an early tea. He is dining at the Mansion House and dossing down here afterwards before catching the newspaper train down to Eggarton.

Thursday, 8 April

Met Joan Bruce at Paddington after lunch and saw her off at Victoria by the 3.18 train after giving her ice cream. I found her rather farouche though as always pathetic. Then did some shopping and finally had tea with Mabel.

Friday, 9 April

Felt definitely better than I have done for some time. Shopped locally in the morning and went to the A & N stores in the afternoon and got a utility infant's dress for Mabel to send to Bets.

An unpleasant occurrence this afternoon: Marjatta's rations have disappeared. So that is the end of Mary O'Leary as far as I am concerned. Very sickening.

Saturday, 10 April

Shopped in West End this morning and after lunch went over to sit with Enid who was taking a day in bed, and listened to a concert broadcast from Albert Hall. Had tea with her and then went over to Mabel. Also saw Lil for a few minutes who seems better.

Rang up Anne who is taking Sarah and Peter over to Wenham tomorrow till Wednesday to look after the Capel-Dunns whilst Bets goes over to the Farm.

Reg rang up from Elmhurst. Got back this afternoon, feeling very tired after his go of flu.

Sunday, 11 April

I went to church at St John's Wood Chapel and Mabel came to lunch. Gerald Thompson and Francis came and cut my lawn in the afternoon and I did some forking and had tea out on the verandah - the first time this year, I think.

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