Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Week of 19 April 1948

Monday, 19 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

Another lovely day and I felt better. Bought some packets of hardy annuals at Woolworths in the morning. After tea worked in the garden.

Tuesday, 20 April

I met Philippa at Paddington and brought her back to lunch. Afterwards we went down to Victoria and left her luggage in the cloakroom whilst we shopped at AN Stores. I got balloons for S's birthday party and Philippa bought a book with some money I gave her, and also got herself a fountain pen. We had ice creams and I left her with lots of school friends at Victoria and I came home without waiting to see her off.

Wednesday, 21 April

Reg slept here

Reg arrived soon after 3 o'clock from Bristol. Earlier than I had expected. I felt almost too tired to enjoy him. He walked to Royal Oak after tea whilst I worked in the garden.

Thursday, 22 April

Reg left for the Farm after an early lunch. I went down to the Clifton Nurseries and brought back some pansy plants which I put in after tea.

I felt rather better, but still very tired.

Friday, 23 April

Sarah is five today. A lovely day for her birthday. Aunt Julia came to lunch and I drove back with her afterwards, changed my book at Harrods. Saw Jane Morris about renovating my hats. Then tea with Mabel and afterwards looked in on Enid who is much better. Back by 7.30.

Feeling very tired still.

Saturday, 24 April

I went to tea with Charmian and George Worsley in Cramner Court, her very nice flat, and they were both very pleasant. En route I stopped at Mabel's to leave some Votrix [?] as she was afraid she might not have enough for her party. Later on I heard from both her and Enid that it had gone off very well though Mabel had not got much pleasure out of it personally.

Sunday, 25 April

Went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel. In the afternoon worked in the garden with Gerald and Francis Thompson. Mabel arrived later and we had tea on the loggia and she stayed on for supper.

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