Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Week of 15 March 1948

Monday, 15 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Ditto, ditto as per last page!

Tuesday, 16 March

Pippa spent the day here (I had just got downstairs), leaving just before 6 o'clock. We had lunch and tea together and she did some shopping for me and for herself in between.

No, that was yesterday!!!

Dr Moncrieff came and saw my knee. It is doing fine but she will try and fix up some infra red treatment for me to hurry things up.

Wednesday, 17 March

Knee doing fine but I am feeling less well in myself.

Kathleen Hill came to tea and transplanted my 6 michaelmas daisies for me, and I came out into the garden to supervise operations.

Thursday, 18 March

Knee getting on well but I felt poorly in myself. Did a little cooking for the first time.

Lil came to lunch. Not feeling up to much and ?? with her domestic. She left before tea. I started to go with her to the bus stop, but turned back half way.

Friday, 19 March

Lunched early and Mabel came on soon afterwards from her Lenten service at St Martin's.

A Miss Thom came and gave me my first infra-red and massage treatment which I found very pleasant. Afterwards I walked to the bottom of Hamilton Terrace with practically no discomfort. It looks as if I might be able to get down to Anne after all for Easter. Mabel left after a very early scrappy tea to go for her infra-red treatment at Bayswater.

Reg rang up to suggest coming up for the night on Sunday.

Saturday, 20 March

My knee much better. In the morning I went down to Clifton Road for the first time since my fall. Very tired but none the worse. In the afternoon I had Gerald, Margaret and Francis Thompson to tea - Gerald cut the lawn. Its first cut this year.

Sunday, 21 March

Reg slept here

Reg arrived in time for tea and we had a nice evening together.

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