Saturday, 6 March 2010

Week of 22 March 1948

Monday, 22 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Miss Thom, masseuse, came at 9.30 and gave me a second (and last) infra-red treatment. Reg left at 10.30. I shopped at Clifton Road and again in the afternoon, also cashing a cheque. Much the most I have done yet. Leg aching in the evening but stood it well. Miss Thom very satisfied and quite approves of my going down to Wenham on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 23 March

I was very energetic, shopping in Clifton Road and Oxford Street in the morning and in Edgware Road after lunch, and getting in and out of busses with impunity.

Mabel came out soon after 3 o'clock and we had an early tea. Afterwards she rested and had an early supper before going to a Holy Week Service at St Martin's.

Wednesday, 24 March

47 Hamilton Terrace - Great Wenham Hall

Packed in the morning and at 11 o'clock Sharfie ? came round to see me from 77 Hamilton Terrace and stayed for an hour. Marjatta's Finnish friend Helene turned up soon afterwards.

I had an early lunch and taxied to Liverpool St to catch the 2.13 train to Manningtree. Got to Wenham in time for tea. Bet, Alice, Barnaby, Anne and Sarah all there to meet me.

Thursday, 25 March

Great Wenham Hall

Had a good night but felt desperately tired. Awly turned up from school about 11 o'clock. Anne had already started back to Boxted. Sarah and I are being driven over there tomorrow.

Pont turned up about 7 o'clock. He had purchased 2 second-hand cars. One for Barnaby (a present from Wilma) and one for Anne to give Sarah for her birthday next month.

Friday, 26 March

Great Wenham Hall - Trough End

Slept badly but felt better. Went to morning service at Wenham church and looked at the cross Anne had had put up on Grattan's grave. Nice and simple.

Pont drove Sarah and me over to Anne after lunch and stayed for tea. Anne's garden and house looking wonderfully glossy and gay. I am glad to be in the quieter atmosphere.

Saturday, 27 March

Trough End

Slept very well. Breakfasted in bed . I had a lovely hot bath afterwards. Got down about 11 o'clock.

Lovely day, only spoilt by a very cold East wind. My knee is doing very well and I was even able to do some hand weeding in Anne's front flower bed in the afternoon.

Sunday, 28 March

A lovely sunny day and we found a corner in the garden where we could sit out of the wind. Anne biked to 9 o'clock mass but left Sarah at home as she still has a cough.

I got a car to drive me to and from Boxted church for morning service and communion afterwards.

Did some weeding in Anne's garden.

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