Friday, 26 March 2010

Week of 26 April 1948

Monday, 26 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

The Royal Silver Wedding Day. I listened in to the service at St Paul's and then went to meet Nicky Flecker at Paddington. Brought her back to lunch, and after ice creams etc. saw her off to CH by the 4.18 train. Felt awfully tired and came straight back and had tea and supper lying on the sofa.

Tuesday, 27 April

I felt very tired in the morning and stayed in bed till nearly lunch time. After lunch I went to Jane Morris and brought back a hat she had been renovating. Then on to Mabel where I saw Lil for a few minutes (feeling much better), then on to tea with Enid.

Did a little gardening before supper.

Rang up Bet. Everything seems taped. She is to go over to the Farm on Wednesday May 5th, by which time all the children will have been disposed of.

Wednesday, 28 April

In the morning I went to the Tate Gallery to see the exhibition of Paul Walsh's paintings. In the afternoon to the christening of Lucia Mary Thompson and afterwards to the christening tea.

Thursday, 29 April

I did the ordinary chores in the morning, and had meant to go to the Albertina drawing at the V and A Museum, but felt very tired so rested instead till I went to tea with Kathleen Hill.

Friday, 30 April

In the afternoon I went to see the Albertina drawings at the V and A Museum, and then on to tea with Lil.

Saturday, 1 May

Clifton Road shopping in morning, and Camera Cuss Baker St in afternoon.

Talked on the phone with Bet, Pips, Wilma and Reg.

Sunday, 2 May

I went to the Eucharist at St John's Wood Chapel. A very beautiful service.

Mabel came in the afternoon and stayed for tea. Gerald Thompson and I both put in some work on the garden. Reg rang up in the evening to find out if it was all right for me to meet Joan tomorrow.

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