Monday, 8 March 2010

Week of 29 March 1948

Monday, 29 March


My birthday. I am 72! I did not sleep well and have had a grimentz day, but did some gardening which I enjoyed.

Bet sent me 12 clothing coupons for a present and Anne gave me a roller towel and 2 glass cloths.

Tuesday, 30 March

Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Left Anne at 10.15 and reached home at 12.45 to find a nice house and lunch waiting for me. Afterwards went in to Mabel and had tea there to which Kathleen came later. Looked in on Enid on my way home. Lil has been very seedy, but is much more comfortable since Dr Moncrieff has strapped her up.

Had a ring up from Horrie this evening from Hove to say that Reg was ill in bed there (probably flu) and asking me to make arrangements with Joan to school for her to be sent to Studley on Friday.

Wednesday, 31 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt very tired. Sat with Lil in the afternoon and had tea with her. She was in much less pain but looked very white and wan.

Horrie rang me up at lunch time and gave me the bulletin of Reg. Doctor not anxious in any way. Mabel left for Bath by midday train.

Thursday, 1 April

Did nothing at all. Eve and Negley got back by plane from Kenya.

Horrie rang up from London to tell me that Reg was going on all right.

Friday, 2 April

Felt rotten and rested most of the afternoon.

Saturday, 3 April

Feeling better today though still very tired. Shopped locally in the morning. Kathleen Hill came out for an early tea and we went together to the Embassy Theatre, Swiss Cottage to see a very interesting Irish play called The Righteous are Bold. The story of a young Irish girl - possessed by evil powers; exorcised by a priest who died at the end of the operation.

Sunday, 4 April

I stayed in bed till lunch time writing letters. In the afternoon went to see Lil, and then on to tea with Enid and Eve where I met Margot. I thought Eve looking terribly worn and strained. I did not see Negley. The house has been full of Finns today. Helene and a friend in and out. Helene leaves for Paris this evening and Marjatta will see her off at Victoria.

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