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Week of 3 May 1948

Monday, 3 May

Anne and Sarah slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

This was one of my off days and I felt very tired.

I did some shopping in Knightsbridge before meeting Joan at Victoria station. We left her luggage at Paddington and then came on to lunch here. Afterwards handed her over at Paddington at 2.30 to the school escort. Then on to Shepherd's Bush to pick up my watch and then home to rest before the arrival of Anne and Sarah about 6 o'clock.

Both looking very well.

Tuesday, 4 May

Anne and Sarah slept here

A distressful night and very tired wakening, but felt much better as the day wore on. Bought the wherewithal for lunch at Selfridge's (including an ice brick which I left behind and had to go back for!), and then met James and Pips at the bus stop. We came back together and found Anne and Sarah returned.

Had a very successful family lunch and all started off by bus afterwards to Baker St to retrieve my umbrella, the others to Marylebone by a devious route. Anne and Sarah back to tea. Anne dined with AM . I sowed seeds in the garden.

Wednesday, 5 May

Anne and Sarah slept here

Feeling better though very tired in the afternoon. Anne, Sarah and I went to John Barnes in the morning and Anne went on alone to the dentist. In the afternoon Lil and Mabel came out to tea with Sarah and me. Anne was out with Sheila Grattan Doyle. After lunch we went to see Margaret Thompson and the new baby.

Thursday, 6 May

Anne was in the City this morning and came back feeling very poorly with sore throat, back-ache and I fear a temperature though she did not take it. Quite unfit to travel but she had to go back as Barnaby is going to her tomorrow. She and Sarah caught the 5.30 train from Liverpool St and she rang up tonight to say that she was going straight to bed and taking aspirin.

I sowed some seeds in garden.

Friday, 7 May

I had lunch and tea on the loggia. Shopped locally in the morning, and at Swiss Cottage and Oxford Street after lunch. Brought back some half hardies from Woolworth and put them in after tea.

Marjatta had two Finnish friends for tea. Anne rang up in the evening - still very poorly. I arranged to go down tomorrow unless I had better news in the morning.

Saturday, 8 May

Anne rang up about 8 am to say she was definitely better and that I was not to go down. She rang up again this evening to confirm this. The doctor had been and thought she had picked up some toxic germ, but that she was over the worst of it.

I sat out on the loggia quite a lot and had my tea there. Worked in the front garden and put down some weed killer. Gerald forked out my compost heap.

Sunday, 9 May

I went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel. Mabel came to lunch and stayed till after tea.

Gerald Thompson sowed vegetable seed in the bottom of the garden.

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