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Week of 10 May 1948

Monday, 10 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Went to Harrods this morning for library books to send Anne, and also got her some eaties. In the afternoon Bought 18 sweet pea plants at Clifton Nurseries. Fetched Francis Thompson and he helped! me put them in and we had tea out on the loggia.

Pippa rang me up after supper to say that she was going down tomorrow to Anne, returning Friday.

Tuesday, 11 May

Enid came to lunch. She was tired and under the weather. Francis Thompson spent the afternoon here again and we had tea on the loggia.

Pippa rang up after supper. She said Anne was looking very seedy and had neuralgia on top of everything else. She will stay down there till Friday.

Wednesday, 12 May

Oswald slept here

Shafie brought Francis over about 3 o'clock and we had tea in the drawing room, and a small fire which was very welcome.

Pippa rang up after supper and gave a very poor account of Anne who had a temp of 101 and bad throat as well as neuralgia.

Wilma rang up to thank me for her present (it was her birthday). She has had a very happy day.

Thursday, 13 May

Oswald went off after breakfast. I had Francis for an hour this morning. Not quite so good as usual! After lunch I met Lil at the Mercury Theatre to see The Playboy of the Western World. We were not much impressed.

I had tea on the loggia after I got back and then wrote to Pips. She rang me up later and said that Anne was not any better yet. The doctor had been and said she had a streptococcal throat. She is to have M and B.

Friday, 14 May

Rang Pips up at lunch and heard that Anne was no better. Sent her down foods and alarm clock. Had tea with Enid and saw over her basement. Saw Mabel and helped her with her geranium pots. Rang up Wuff to ask her to try and go down to Anne next week. Then Pips rang up. Anne no better . Not anxious but have arranged to go down tomorrow. A neighbour will put me up. Rang up Reg - also Mabel. Altogether rather a hectic evening.

Saturday, 15 May

47 Hamilton Terrace - Pink House, Boxted

Mabel brought me my ticket and some grape fruit for Anne, and Marjatta cut me sandwiches for my lunch and came with me to Liverpool St where I caught the 12.38 to Colchester without any holiday crush. Got a taxi to Anne's and arrived soon after 2 o'clock. The doctor had been and found Anne much better. She was lying in the dark and still felt very ill and miserable, but the doctor thought it was mostly the affect of M and B which we hope to stop tonight if she is normal. Children very well and Pippa too, though tired.

Colonel and Mrs Radleigh gave me a bed. They are only 5 minutes away.

Much family telephoning.

Sunday, 16 May

Troughend, Boxted

Came up here for breakfast and found that Anne had had a decent night without M and B. Dr Guyver came about 11 o'clock and was very satisfied and won't come again till Tuesday. She is to have no medicine. Very bad head in afternoon which is always her worst time. I mowed one side of the lawn. Slept in Barnaby's room and Pippa on a camp bed in the dining room.

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