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Week of 17 May 1948

Monday, 17 May


Anne had a pretty good night and so did the rest of us, and everything seemed easier and less tiring. A girl neighbour took Sarah out for a drive in a pony cart which she enjoyed very much.

Tuesday, 18 May

Dr Guyvor came after lunch and found Anne a lot better and will not come again till Friday. He said she might come down and sit in the garden a little, which she did, but looked and felt a wretched shape and was glad to get back to supper. Much telephoning. Finally decided that Pips should return tomorrow morning - Wilma arrives in the afternoon, and may move in here tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 May

Pips left by 9.45 bus. Everyone hated her going. I was more than glad to see Wuff arrive about 3 o'clock, full of cheer and energy. Started digging in the garden almost at once! Anne came down for tea on the drawing room sofa and sat out in the garden afterwards, but said she felt worse than yesterday and was very down. Had her first bath and went back to bed for supper.

Had phone talks with Pips, Bets and Reg. Made fish pie after supper and helped Bet with ironing, and went to bed very tired.

Thursday, 20 May

Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne seemed rather better and came down after lunch. Bet's maid, Mary, turned up for lunch, and I thought she seemed very nice and ought to be a great help.

I caught a 5.54 train from Colchester and reached home soon after 7.30. Everything looked very luxurious and Marjatta was here to meet me and brought me up a nice supper. I rang up Enid and Lil and heard that Enid's let was off - also that R and D Le M had been in a motor accident. Roddy unhurt, but Diana has broken a rib.

Friday, 21 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

I shopped in morning and after lunch went out to see Enid and had a cup of tea before meeting Wilma at Paddington to hear the latest account of Anne. Not much change, but if anything a little better. The doctor had not yet been. Then I came back to tea and afterwards pottered about the garden.

Reg rang up after supper. He sounded low and hopes to go off to Jersey by cargo boat next week for a few days' change.

Saturday, 22 May

Marjatta went off to Cambridge in the morning. I lunched with Lil who was looking much better.

Came back here and Shufie paid me a long visit and we had tea out in the garden.

Anne rang up and said she thought she was definitely a little better. The doctor had seen her yesterday and brought her medicine this evening, and may be going to have an X-ray taken of her head.

Sunday, 23 May

I went to St John's Wood Chapel for morning service and communion. Felt very tired, wrote letters and prepared supper to which Kathleen Hill came, after which we went (in pouring rain) to the Anglo-French Art Centre to see Yes is for a Very Young Man by Gertrude Stein. Interesting though amateurish. Rather hampered by the electric breakdown.

Marjatta had returned from Cambridge and was in bed. Her friend Hellie also slept here.

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