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Week of 24 May 1948

Monday, 24 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt very tired and got up late. After lunch I went in to Enid's - changing books en route. She looked very tired but the position seems hopeful.

Tuesday, 25 May

Pippa and Wilma slept here

Wilma arrived at 12 o'clock and after an early lunch we did some shopping. I got back in time to meet Pippa who arrived for tea. A little later Margaret Thompson and Francis came round for a few minutes and Wilma put in some tomato and marrow plants from Studley and then rang up Anne and got a rather better account of her.

Wednesday, 26 May


We all three started off for the Chelsea Flower Show soon after 8 am. Almost immediately afterwards Pont rang up to say that Bet had a son early this morning, but I did not get the news till I returned for lunch. Rang up Pont for details but he was out. He rang me up in the evening to say that all had gone well though the doctor had not arrived in time! Pont had slept at the farm and had known nothing till it was all over.

A lovely Flower Show but appalling weather. Pippa and Wilma both shopped afterwards (independently). Wilma had early supper here before returning to Studley.

Thursday, 27 May

I felt tired and stayed in bed most of the morning. After lunch I forked the front garden. Margaret and Francis Thompson had tea with me on the loggia and he and I worked in the garden afterwards.

A wire of congratulations from Reg in Jersey and a telephone enquiry from Mabel from Dublin!

Friday, 28 May

I bought a cream coloured plastic mac from Penberthy. In the afternoon I went to tea with Enid - very tired and feeling depressed. I had a nice letter from Bet in hospital. Very satisfied with it all. I had already rung up Pont and had had a very good report. I rang up Anne and she said she was sure she was better, but was still feeling pretty lousy.

Saturday, 29 May

A hideously wet day for my trip to Lewes. I caught the 10.45 from Victoria and Hester met me at Lewes just before 12 o'clock, looking extremely nice in Betty's yellow coat, and I was delighted with her manners and look of health. We lunched at the Tatler Restaurant - then saw a film, Easy Money - then back to tea at the Tatler after buying a toy for Francis Thompson's birthday. Then drove out to see the school, charming grounds with the Ouse running through. I saw classroom and bedrooms but not Mrs Curtis or any of the girls. Caught a 5.57 train back, reaching home at 7.30.

Sunday, 30 May

Felt very tired and stayed in bed till lunch. Geraldine Noyes came to tea. Afterwards Gerald and Francis came in to bring me a piece of his birthday cake. He is 3 today.

Anne rang up in the evening. She says she is better but still feels poorly and sickish.

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