Sunday, 2 May 2010

Week of 31 May 1948

Monday, 31 May
47 Hamilton Terrace
Feeling well and energetic today. I lunched with Lil and afterwards saw over Kathleen's cottage in Thiylow Place before going on to Enid where I inspected her basement, and then had tea.
Tuesday, 1 June
Reg slept here
I felt very well till evening when I got tired. I planted 6 doz. petunias in front bed, bought at Clifton Nurseries for 30/-.
Reg turned up at 8 o'clock and we had a very pleasant supper and evening. He looks and feels the better for his week in Jersey.
Wednesday, 2 June
Reg left about 10.30. Enid met me at the Curzon Cinema after lunch to see the Italian film Four Steps to the Clouds _ most attractive.
Alice Parsons came to tea. I saw her off at Marylebone and got caught in a downpour coming home.
Thursday, 3 June
Awly slept here
A wire from Bet at lunchtime to say that this was Awly's half-term. I rang up New Hall and arranged for her to come up this evening. She arrived at 7 o'clock and will stay till Sunday evening.
Friday, 4 June
Awly slept here
Awly and I shopped in the morning - ice cream at Selfridges, etc, etc. and in the afternoon she and Marjatta went to a film of Les Misérables shown at Connaught Restaurant in Edgware Rd. Spent the evening at home.
Saturday, 5 June
Awly slept here
In the morning we shopped and got Awly a pair of sandals at Daniel Neal's.
In the afternoon we went to the Rialto Cinema to see Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding in Spring in Park Lane. Not at all outstanding but we both enjoyed it. Afterwards at Lyons Corner House. Home about 6.30.
Sunday, 6 June
Awly and I went to High Mass at Westminster Cathedral at 10.30 _ home afterwards via the Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, Cenotaph, etc. After lunch went to 1 Pelham Place for Awly to meet Mabel and Lil. Got back to tea after looking at the Oratory and buying cherries and an ice cream. Saw Awly off at Liverpool St for the 6.5 train to Chelmsford. She has had a lovely time.

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