Thursday, 20 May 2010

Week of 12 July 1948

Monday, 12 July

Elmhurst Farm - 47 Hamilton Terrace

I was busy all morning, packing etc. etc. Reg drove me to Horsham to catch the 2.43 train to Victoria. I drove straight to Mabel where I had tea. She was still in bed with a nasty liver attack, feeling and looking a wretched shape. I then went over to Enid and left her and Mab raspberries, currants and peas from Reg. Got back here about 6.30 and found a beautifully clean house.

Tuesday, 13 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

I lunched with Enid and afterwards sat with Mabel (still in bed but better)and got back here in time for tea. A busy evening with a lot of writing and accounts. Rang up Anne, and Pips rang me up about meeting James on the 27th inst.

Wednesday, 14 July

This afternoon I went to CSS ?? to fix up my new ration book.

Then on to tea with Mabel who had gone back to bed, and then on to Enid. Lil rang me up from Freda. She had managed to get up to the committee in London, but was feeling a very poor thing.

Thursday, 15 July

Lunched with Mabel and saw her interview 2 Swedes; she has engaged the eldest one and think has made a wise choice. I also saw a Swede Enid has engaged.

Paid Nan Park a short visit and left her a couple of eggs. Came back here for tea.

Rang up Lower Hall Farm and Awly gave me a much better account of John. Bet and Pont had gone in the lorry to fetch Alice back from hospital, but had not yet arrived owing to a breakdown!

Friday, 16 July

I met Julia at Studio No. 1 after an early lunch and we saw L'Homme qui cherche la vérité with Raimu acting - very good. We also stayed on for most of Fantasia by Walt Disney. Very good.

I got back for tea. Finished cutting the lawn afterwards.

Saturday, 17 July

I did a certain amount of cooking to see me over the weekend, and made a little jam.

Rang up Anne and heard a depressing account of her pigs, or at least the female one! Her mother ought to be spanked.

Sunday,18 July

I went to St John's Wood Chapel in the morning. Gerald Thompson looked in in the afternoon, and after an early tea I went over to Mabel. Also saw Enid for a few minutes.

Reg rang up in the evening and asked me to take steps about Joan's wardrobe.

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