Saturday, 15 May 2010

Week of 5 July 1948

Monday, 5 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Elmhurst Farm

Caught the 3.18 train to Horsham where Reg and Horrie met me. Horrie was on his way back to Hove. Got a splendid welcome from Reg. We had a very nice tea and then walked down to a wheat field. I cooked a guinea fowl very successfully - also peas and potatoes and we had a lovely meal after an apéritif in the lounge.

My room most comfortable.

Tuesday, 6 July

Elmhurst Farm

Walked round the garden with Dennet and then read some of Lil's book in the drawing room.

Reg drove me over to CH at 12 o'clock and I had lunch and tea there. Afterwards Pips and I worked in the garden and I wrote some letters. Nicky came back after tea and came along in the car when Pips drove me back. Both she and I felt tired. I rested in the drawing room room till apéritif time when Reg and I had a very pleasant talk.

Wednesday, 7 July

Pottered about doing chores inside and out. Horrie was over. Barry came over for drinks which we had in the drawing room. First time I had met her. I liked her and it all went very easily.

Rang up Bet and got a faintly better account of John. She told me Awly was going over to them tomorrow, and Alice is to have her tonsils out on Friday.

Thursday, 8 July

Horrie was over here again. Pippa came over in the afternoon and picked fruit and stayed to tea. She had brought me some odds and ends to send to Alice in hospital. I felt tired all day. I think there is a lot of thunder about.

Friday, 9 July

I was busy all day with preparations for the "dinner party" which was a great success. The guests were Dr and Mrs Murphy and Barry. We dined in the drawing room and the menu consisted of green pea soup, cold chicken, peas and new potatoes, blackcurrant flan and raspberries an cream. The drinks were the Forest Cocktail, champagne and coffee from Ecuador.

Saturday, 10 July

Reg and I felt tired and livery. I made blackcurrant jam and after tea we walked over part of the farm. I rang up Bet in the evening. Alice had had her tonsils out on Friday and Awly was at the farm and none the worse for her op.

Sunday,11 July

I made some raspberry jam in the morning. In the afternoon we walked over to Orchard Cottage and had tea with the Murphys and met the married daughter Aveen and her husband Tibbatts who has an appointment in the Admiralty. A nice couple. There is a first baby expected this month.

In the evening I rang up Anne. The little girl pig had arrived and Peter Raymond is expected on Wednesday.


  1. Abi Croutear-Foy3 June 2010 at 09:02


    I hope you don't mind me commenting but I was doing a search for my grandmother, Aveen Tibbatts, and this blog post came up. It's been a lovely little find on a grey morning.

  2. I'm so glad, Abi! And thanks for your kind comment.
    Best regards

  3. Abi Croutear-Foy3 June 2010 at 13:48

    My pleasure. Should it be of any interest whatsoever the child above was named Michael when born and another three followed. I'm sure he will be honoured to be mentioned alongside the female pig.