Friday, 21 May 2010

Week of 19 July 1948

Monday, 19 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

I went to Gorringe's in the morning to see about Joan's wardrobe. In the afternoon I went to Battersea Park to see the LCC exhibition of sculptures. Very interesting and a lovely setting. I had tea there. In the evening a ring-up from Alice Parsons to ask if Studley could take their Dr Verring for 3 weeks from July 29th. I have been ringing up Wilma who will give me a definite answer presently.

Tuesday, 20 July

Shopped unsuccessfully in morning. Went to tea with Mabel and met Elizabeth Tasker, Flora Campbell and Peggy Richardson. A very pleasant party. Enid came in a little later.

Wednesday, 21 July

Very successful day from a shopping point of view as I got myself a very nice black and white cotton dress from Marshall and Snelgrove at under £3-3-0. In the afternoon I went and ordered a white straw hat from Jane Morris - also very cheap.

After my return Lady Fyfe came to a late tea and stayed till 7 o'clock. They have got a very nice house on Blackheath Common. After she left I rang up Lil who is back in London after ten days with the Graces which she was not well enough to enjoy.

Thursday, 22 July

Pippa came to a hurried lunch after being with Miss Runling, and afterwards we went to her dentist and then separated - she en route to Buckingham Palace and I to Lil's. I did not think her looking much (if any) better for her change. I stayed a long time and had a drink before returning. Felt very tired.

Friday, 23 July

I didn't leave St John's Wood. It was a pleasant day and I got through a lot of little things. Margaret and Francis Thompson came to tea.

Saturday, 24 July

No domestic help today. I felt tired after a poor night so lunched at Clifton Restaurant to save cooking and afterwards went to the Tate Gallery to see the Courtauld Collection of French paintings. Very beautiful.

I got home for a late tea. It was a nice evening and I sat out on the loggia, darning till supper time.

Sunday,25 July

I felt very tired and gave up church and stayed most of the morning in bed.

Lunched with Mabel and thought her looking very well and nice. Went over to tea with Enid and Amy Birch. We had it in the kitchen.

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