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Week of 14 June 1948

Monday, 14 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

I bought myself a cotton frock at Bourne and Hollingworth in the morning. Joan Bruce came to lunch and afterwards I saw her off at Paddington. Then on to Amy Birch and came back to a late tea. Saw several morning maids and have arranged to engage a Mrs Trafford, subject to reference.

Had telephone talks with Anne, Pippa and Reg.

Tuesday, 15 June

Got Barnaby a suit at Harrods.

Engaged a Mrs Trafford to start morning work on Tuesday 22nd. Mabel came to tea and stayed for supper. Got a bad attack of hay fever so she did not go on to St Martin's. Wilma rang me up and I arranged to lend her £45 to buy a car. Rang up Bet and arranged to go down to Manningtree on Thursday afternoon. Rang up Anne and heard that Sarah has been put on M&B but Anne thinks she is a little better.

Wednesday, 16 June

Had an arduous day, trying for a dress for Bet - finally got one at C&A next to B&H. I also got another suit for Barnaby, a pink cardigan for self and foods for Wenham.

Thursday, 17 June

47 Hamilton Terrace - Great Wenham Hall

Caught 2.18 train down to Manningtree, arriving at Wenham in time for tea. There had been a heavy thunderstorm with hail. Bet and Barnaby met me at gate. Bet looks well but tired. John asleep in cot, very small and neat with a great look of Pont. He was very weepy most of the evening and his rash must be very sore. Bet was pleased with the frock I brought her and with the 2 suits for Barnaby. Great Wenham Hall looking very attractive but very shabby.

Friday, 18 June

Great Wenham Hall

Pont and Alice arrived for lunch. I arranged flowers for the Christening Party tomorrow. The Milroys looked in after tea.

Awly rang up to say there is a case of measles at her school, so she can't come. Hester turned up about 7.30 looking very well and very nice. Tom Burns had driven her down from town.

Saturday, 19 June

Great Wenham Hall - Troughend

Hectically busy. Pont's mother, brother and small nephew missed their train and only arrived in time for the late lunch after the christening at 12 o'clock. John was sick over his Christening Robe and had to be changed before starting. Bet looked happy and handsome, thought felt self-conscious, she said, dressed up in an old silk frock of Pippa's and a pretty hat borrowed from Clareta Milroy. Anne and Sarah were fetched over by Pont in the lorry. We were 15 at lunch. A lovely spread, and we had had drinks and Christening presents previously. John very good in church. Pont drove Anne, Sarah and me back after tea.

Sunday, 20 June


I took Sarah up in her little car as far as Blue House. She is rather edgy and fretful. I felt awfully tired and I think Anne did too. Rang up Bet in the evening. Hester seedy with a slight temp, and had not returned to school!

Mabel rang up and said Lil was poorly but I gather the old trouble.

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