Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Week of 7 January 1948

Monday, 7 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Felt very tired and stayed in bed all day. Did not enjoy myself but am sure it was the best thing. Saw no-one except Marjatta.

Tuesday, 8 June

Shopped locally in the morning and got my hair washed and waved. Mabel came to tea in the afternoon - also Margaret and Francis Thompson. We were expecting Ella and Ian Mackenzie and Betty Williams, but Mac rang up to say that Ella had turned faint and sick on her way here and they had had to go back in a taxi. Anne and Pips both rang up. Sarah is in bed with a throat and temp. Pippa and three friends are driving down to Eggarton tomorrow for a couple of nights.

Wednesday, 9 June

Tried and failed for a cool dress. Lil and I lunched together at a new restaurant near her flat.

Tess Bawtree rang up in the evening to say she would not be sleeping here tomorrow as Jenny is poorly.

Thursday, 10 June

A lovely day and I felt much better. Had another unsuccessful search for a frock in the morning. In the afternoon took Marjatta to Mr Butler as she has been having toothache. He put in a temporary filling. A letter from Anne to say that Sarah is much better and one from Bet to say that John has a rash and is being treated at the hospital, but she hoped they would be getting back to Wenham.

Friday, 11 June

I had a third unsuccessful search for a dress. Got back just before lunch and found Reg had been here on his way to meet Joan at Paddington. Later he rang me up and we fixed that she should lunch here on Monday on her way back.

Felt very tired and did practically nothing for the rest of the day. Diana Le M less well and a nurse has been got in. I rang up Anne in the evening and Sarah is also less well with a temp of 105. Bet and Pont had driven over and fetched back Barnaby.

Saturday, 12 June

I felt a lot better. Went to tea with Mabel where I met the Crees, Nan Park and a nice Mr Assheton who is a curate at St Martin's. They all knew Studley and the Crees were enthusiastic about Wilma. I enjoyed it all very much.

Rang up Anne and heard that Sarah was much better. Also rang up Reg and heard a cheerful account of the half-term.

Sunday, 13 June

Lil came to lunch and we sat out on the verandah. She left before tea. I rang up Bet at Wenham after supper. She said she was well though tired and that John's rash was better though still very nasty. Alice is there for the weekend. She and Barnaby are very well. Bet wants me to go down there on Thursday.

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