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Week of 21 June 1948

Monday, 21 June

Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Sarah rather fretful. I felt very tired. Rang up Bet and heard that Hester was still in bed with a slight temp. Caught a 5.30 train up to town and got home about 7.30. Marjatta was here to cook my supper. Afterwards I rang up Mabel.

Tuesday, 22 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mrs Trafford, the new morning help, turned up as arranged and did well. I went to tea with Kathleen Hill to meet her American friend Cathy and one or two other people.Then on to supper with Mabel who was feeling low as Mary had told her she was to go back to Sweden in about a month.

Wednesday, 23 June

Lunched with Lil who is much better. Did some work in the garden after tea.

Thursday, 24 June

Shopped in the morning and got Barnaby a suit. Lunched with Mabel and went to see Laurence Olivier's film of Hamlet. Not as outstanding as I had expected. Had tea on the loggia and did a little weeding afterwards. Rang up Bet and heard that John had put on a little weight. Hester better but not returning to school till Sunday.

Tess Bawtree rang up and said she would be arriving tomorrow about 4 o'clock.

Friday, 25 June

Tess Bawtree slept here

Did not stir out of my St John's Wood area. Tess arrived about 4 o'clock and after tea she went off (as my guest) to see Four Ships to the Clouds at the Curzon Cinema. She had her supper when she got back. I did not wait for her. Afterwards we sat out on the loggia till bed-time.

Saturday, 26 June

Tess departed at 6.30 am. I did not see her. Busy all morning preparing lunch for the Mayers. It went very well. They were very admiring of the house. We had drinks out on the loggia. I did not go out again. Mrs Streeter from Perkins Copeland had sent me a string of questions. It took me a long time to get them answered. Enid came back from Devon this evening.

Sunday, 27 June

Went to morning service at St John's Wood and afterwards Mrs Perry Gore took several of us round the church. In the afternoon I went to their garden party at St John's Wood House - a big affair with a marquis, two bishops from Africa, ices, and church music by the choir.

Then on to Mabel where I found the Mayers, then to Enid for supper - a delicious cold spread. Got back about 9.30.

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