Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Week of 26 July 1948

Monday, 26 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester slept here

Lunched with Lil. Otherwise busy here all day. Hester turned up about 7.30 and we had a nice evening together, but she had a headache from the sun and I felt very tired.

Tuesday, 27 July

Hester slept here

Met James Flecker at Marylebone and took him to his dentist and saw him off at Victoria by the 12.18. Hester came with me. After lunch she and I rested, and after an early tea in the kitchen we went to see the film of Oliver Twist. I was not tremendously impressed.

Wednesday, 28 July

Hester and I met Joan Bruce at Paddington, took her to Gorringe to get fitted up for school clothes and saw her off at Paddington by the 12.30 to Weymouth.

Alice Parsons came to tea with me in the afternoon. Anne had tea with Mabel and met Lil. Afterwards she met Bill Howson at the International Sportsman's Club in Grosvenor House and had a lovely swim there. They came back here to pick up her suitcase and he took her by taxi to Liverpool St to meet Pont and travel down to Lower Hall Farm.

Thursday, 29 July

I lunched at Chatham House and met Lil afterwards there for a lecture on the Commonwealth and crisis given by Mr Menzies (Australia) - very interesting. Afterwards had a talk with Dollie Etlinger and an iced drink together, and then home for the rest of the day. Swelteringly hot.

A grave speech by Mr Bevin on the International Situation.

Friday, 30 July

Beyond a little local shopping I stayed at home all day. Darned stockings on the verandah while listening to the Prom Concert, wrote letters etc.

Felt much less tired.

Saturday, 31 July

I shopped in Clifton Road before lunch and got my hair done. In the afternoon I drove down with the Gerald Thompson family in their car and had tea at Enid's. (They were having tea with Mabel.)

Sunday, 1 August

I went to St John's Wood Chapel for morning service and Solemn Eucharist. Then bussed down to Mabel where I lunched and had tea. Afterwards looked in on Enid for five minutes and saw Amy Birch back to her bus. Got here about 6.30.

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