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Week of 2 August 1948

Monday, 2 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel came to lunch and stayed till about 6.30. We sat out on the loggia till the rain started.

Tuesday, 3 August

I had tea with Lil after doing some shopping, including the purchase of a Biro Pen which I am already regretting and am not using at the moment!

I rang up Anne and Reg rang me up. Everyone feels low and livery.

Wednesday, 4 August

47 Hamilton Terrace - Studley Priory

Packed in the morning. Caught the 4.45 train from Paddington to Oxford. Ray met me in the Lanchester. Reached Studley about 6.30. The place looking very pretty and Wilma splendid. I am in the Isis, a quite small but very comfortable little room.

After supper I went with Wilma round the garden and saw her milk Bounch the cow.

Thursday, 5 August

Studley Priory

Slept very well. Woke to the same enervating and rather depressing weather, but no rain till evening. Shelled peas with Mrs Wyatt.

Had tea with the Bawtrees on the lawn. Afterwards picked sweet peas.

Felt tired and livery and rather at a loose end.

Friday, 6 August

Ray drove me to Magdalen College in the morning and I found the session was taking place in the Schools. The lecturers were Prof. McKinnon from Aberdeen and Lance Whyte. Both very interesting. I had a few words with GH who will come out to lunch tomorrow. L.A.G, the Westmanns, Mrs Emerson and some others came back for lunch in Whitbread's car. Spent rest of day indoors. Rang up Reg in evening about Joan's clothes.

Saturday, 7 August

Ray drove me in to the Conference (a very good lecture from Mr Brown and a very poor one from Mrs Hubback). GH drove me back here for lunch and Dr Venning sat at our table. I had also asked LAG Strong and Robert Coulson but they could not come. A fine afternoon and Dr Venning drove Eric and me round by Wallingford and back by Abingdon where we had tea. Dr Venning turned poorly and GH took the wheel home. We retrieved his raincoat which he had left at Dean Inge's whom he had been visiting the day before.

Sunday, 8 August

Wilma and I went for a short walk along the road. Norah Gallop and her aunt Mrs Lethbridge came out in the afternoon and we all had tea in the Bawtree's attic sitting room. I fell down coming out of the attic. No damage done but felt a bit shaky.

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