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Week of 9 August 1948

Monday, 9 August

Studley Priory

Was at the Conference all morning. A brilliant lecture from Rayner Heppenstall. I had to leave before the end of Sir Fred Clarke's lecture which was interesting too in a solid way. After tea Wilma and I worked on the herbaceous border.

Tuesday, 10 August

Spent the morning at the Conference. A very interesting session. Fr Gilbey in the chair. HR Williamson and Dr Oldham were the speakers. Stanley Mazur introduced me to the Rev. P McLaughlin who is running a very interesting club in Soho. I also talked to the Makins and Eve.

Wednesday, 11 August

Miss Adams and Miss Rickert drove me to the closing session of the Conference. It was very tense and there were obviously ?? cross currents. GH spoke (5 minutes only) rather a baffling speech to me. Miss Adams drove me back for lunch. I did some weeding in the afternoon in spite of the horrible weather.

Thursday, 12 August

Studley Priory - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Left Oxford by 10.15 train. Joan came with me and I saw here into her train for Ealing Broadway. I found Mrs Trafford and Allan here and she cooked me an early lunch.

In the afternoon I went to tea with Mabel. Enid, Lil, Jeremy and the Crees were there. Lil and Mabel both looked very poorly. Reg rang up to welcome me home and I rang up Anne and heard that all was reasonably well there.

Friday, 13 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

Lunched with Lil and had a long talk with her afterwards. She seemed very poorly but was better before I left. Did some shopping and got back for tea.

Saturday, 14 August

I shopped in the morning and roasted my little joint for lunch. Went to Enid for tea and looked in on Mabel afterwards. She had taken Lil (it is Lil's birthday)to the theatre to see The Giaconda Smile.

I rang up Bet after supper. John is coming out of hospital in a couple of day's now.

Sunday, 15 August

I went to church in the morning. Mabel came to tea and stayed for supper. She seemed very tired.

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