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Week of 28 June 1948

Monday, 28 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Withdrew £170 from Savings Bank (leaving £1!) and deposited it with the Maida Hill Branch of Westminster Bank. Sent cheque to Pont for £200 (a loan). After lunch went over to St Saviour church and got Ration Book. Then on to see Dr Gossip of 28 Warwick Avenue and got him to accept me as a panel patient! Nan Park came to tea. The first time she had seen the house.

Tuesday, 29 June

Helli and Hedvig slept here

Very hectic with arrangements for Marjatta's departure tomorrow. Bought her David Copperfield and a pair of gloves as a parting present and she gave me a book of beautiful photographs of Finland. Hedvig arrived after lunch and Helli a little later.

They posted parcels to Finland, returned for tea, and finally taxied to leave at Liverpool St. Got back to a very late supper. We drank to the health of the travellers and all had supper together.

Wednesday, 30 June

My 3 Finns left at 8.30 (not as early as I wished!) but Helli (who only went to see them off) phoned me this evening to say they caught their train all right. I lunched with Lil, very pleasant, and she walked as far as S Ken with me afterwards. She said it was a good day but I did not think her looking well. I had tea on the loggia and wrote letters afterwards.

Thursday, 1 July

Shopped in morning and went to Westminster Bank in afternoon to unravel some queries for Perkins Copeland.

Heard in the evening that Bet had taken John to the Halesworth Hospital where he is to be kept under observation for at least a week and may have to be seen by a specialist. She says they are not anxious.

Friday, 2 July

I shopped in the morning and got a tan purse-bag at Marks and Spencers

In the afternoon Mabel came to tea and later we were able to sit out on the loggia. Bet rang up in the evening to say that John had put on 3 oz and his colour was much better. Awly had had her operation but Alice for some unknown reason had not.

Saturday, 3 July

I lunched on the loggia for the first time this year and got through a lot of local chores but did not go beyond St John's Wood. No family news.

Sunday, 4 July

I went to morning service and the Eucharist at St John's Wood Chapel. In the afternoon I went to Enid where I saw Dan and Amy Birch and then on to tea with Mabel who was very tired.

Rang up Bet this evening. John is putting on a little weight but is still a bad colour. Awly cheerful after her op. for tonsillitis. Alice has not been able to have hers because of her cold. Reg also rang up.

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