Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Week of 16 August 1948

Monday, 16 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

I worked in the garden in the morning and after lunch went to the Tate Gallery where in Saw the Yeats pictures and then the Courtauld Collection again, and then on to tea with Lil. Found her very cheered by her doctor's visit this morning.

Finished cutting the lawn after I got home.

Tuesday, 17 August

I went and had tea with Lil. She was in bed, feeling very poorly.

Wednesday, 18 August

The Perry Gore family came to tea and Mabel came out to meet them and we were able to have tea on the loggia which was pleasant. After they left, I planted out 6 doz wall flowers which Anne had sent me up.

Reg was in town today and phoned me before lunch. He had heard from Aline that Joan was in bed again with a bad attack of asthma.

Thursday, 19 August

Met Mabel at the Marble Arch ?; had tea and then went on to see The Red Shoes at the Pavilion next door. We both thought it the best film we had seen for ages. It is ballet.

Friday, 20 August

I shopped in Oxford St in the morning. Went to Lil after lunch. Sat with her in Redcliffe Gardens. and then had tea with her. She looked better and agreed that she probably was, but obviously felt very wretched.

Saturday, 21 August

After lunch I went to Waterloo (absolute pandemonium) and met Joan and drove her over to catch the 4.18 down to Horsham. Felt exhausted and came straight home and had tea in bed.

Sunday, 22 August

I went to church in St John's Wood Chapel and then on to lunch with Mabel and stayed till after tea. Enid came in during the afternoon. When I came back I worked in the garden - weeding and grass cutting.

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