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Week of 1 November 1948

Monday, 1 November 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt seedy. Awly went to 8 o'clock mass at the RC church near here and later did some some rather unsuccessful shopping before coming back here for an early lunch. Then I took her to the Carlton Cinema to see The Guinea Pig which she greatly enjoyed. Then back to tea after which she went off to Liverpool St to catch the 6 o'clock train back to school.

I felt dead to the world. Wilma rang up in the evening.

Tuesday, 2 November

I stayed in bed till lunch and did not go out at all. Pippa turned up before 6 o'clock and stayed for supper. She and Oswald had been to the motor show. I greatly enjoyed having her and felt the better for it.

Wednesday, 3 November

47 Hamilton Terrace - 210 Coleherne Court

Not feeling up to much but went to Clifton Road in morning and got my hair waved etc. After lunch bussed to Lil's and rested there. Had an early supper and then Enid picked me up in a taxi and drove me to the Empress Hall for the concert in aid of Christian Action given by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Fürtwängler, and Myra Hess. Very lovely but the hall is vast and we were rather too far away. Inez came back with Enid. Afterwards we ran across Margot and Mark Banningham. A fine night and we all walked back together.

Thursday, 4 November

210 Coleherne Court

I felt very good for nothing. In the morning Lil and I went to High St Kensington where I tried for a coat but without success.

In the afternoon, I lay down till teatime. Lil and I had a very pleasant evening together but she felt very tired too.

Mabel still very seedy with flu, and Dr Atkinson seeing her daily. She is having M and B.

Friday, 5 November

210 Coleherne Court - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Went to Jane Morris in morning and got my black hat retrimmed. Back to lunch with Lil and then taxied back home.

Feel definitely better for the little change. Mabel still in bed and having M and B. I rang up Anne. she and Sarah will be going over to Bet tomorrow till Wednesday.

Saturday, 6 November

A lovely autumn day and I felt much better. Shopped in the morning and got a chicken for Mabel at Selfridge's. Rested after lunch and then went to tea with Enid, stopping to leave chicken, flowers etc. at Mabel's but did not see her as she is still supposed to be infectious and is still taking M and B.

Sunday, 7 November

Pippa slept here

Feeling much better, but pouring cats and dogs so I gave church a miss and Toini and I listened in to the curtailed service at the Cenotaph.

In the afternoon we listened in to the Fürtwängler concert from Oxford. Afterwards Dr H? came to fetch Toini and we had a talk while she changed. Pippa arrived on her way back from James's half term at about 9 o'clock and we sat talking for a couple of hours.

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