Thursday, 17 June 2010

Week of 25 October 1928

Monday, 25 October 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

I had a lovely night with Soneryl and felt much better. Got up for lunch and had hoped to go out, but it was a horrid wet day. Enid came out and had tea with me.

Tuesday, 26 October

I went down to Clifton Road in the morning - my first outing for nearly a fortnight.

Mabel came to tea.

Wednesday, 27 October

In the afternoon Lil came here so I did not go out. I felt better.

Thursday, 28 October

I had an X ray taken this morning by Dr Coldwell, 52 Welbeck St, and had to pay five guineas! The plates will be sent to Dr Beaton but Dr Coldwell told me everything was very satisfactory.

Eve Farson came to tea.

Friday, 29 October

I had a tiring morning retrieving my ration books, identity card etc. which I had left at Debenham's.

In the afternoon Mabel came out to tea with me.

Saturday, 30 October

Awly slept here

Awly arrived about 11 o'clock and we went off to Selfridge's where she had an ice cream before going on to lunch with Enid and afterwards going on with her to the Moseivitch concert. She came back to a late tea. Lil and I had already had ours and she had left.

After supper Toini and Awly went down to Trafalgar Square to see the fountains lit up etc.

Sunday, 31 October

Awly slept here

I felt very tired and did not go to church. Awly went to Farm St and then on to pay Mabel a visit and back to lunch. In the afternoon she and Toini went to see Hamlet. I did not go out of doors at all. Mabel had a sharp attack of asthma and got Dr Atkinson. She is much better this evening.

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