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Week of 8 November 1948

Monday, 8 November 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa went off immediately after breakfast as she had to go home early so as to drive over with Oswald to Littlehampton in the afternoon. I had a very successful morning's shopping and got a utility coat in a beaver shade of fur fabric from Peter Robinson for £8-9-2. Also a nice pair of fleece-lined gloves to match from Evans.

In the afternoon went to Jane Morris to arrange for do-ups and on to tea with Mabel who was up for the first time. Met Enid there. Both approved of my coat!

Tuesday, 9 November

I bought some Christmas cards in Baker St and then bussed on to Lil's for lunch. Afterwards rested and then on to Jane Morris to pick up a hat on my way to an early tea with Mabel.

Wednesday, 10 November

Shopped in morning. Michael and Patience Robb came to tea. I was feeling well.

Thursday, 11 November

Bet and Pont slept here

Mrs Neal came and did a fine cleaning up of the house. I was busy with chores all morning but took a good rest in afternoon.

Pont and Bet turned up about 7.30 in great form. After drinks and supper Pont went off to see some friends and Bet went early to bed. She is very tired but we had a lovely talk.

Friday, 12 November

Bet and Pont slept here

Bet and Pont slept late and went off about 12 o'clock for an assorted programme of shopping, visiting cinema, etc.

I passed a rather futile, depressing sort of day.

Saturday, 13 November

Bet, Pont and Hester slept here

Bet and Pont spent most of the morning in bed and left about 12 o'clock, getting back about 5.30 and Hester arrived not long after, looking so pretty and improved in figure. She had been to the National Gallery with her art master, and Bet and Pont ran into her there! They have now gone off to see Annie Get Your Gun for which they managed to get a box. Pont's brother Bill is joining them there.

I was expecting 2 prospective lodgers but neither of them materialised. One of them has however recommended a male friend who is coming to see the rooms tomorrow.

Sunday, 14 November

Bet, Pont and Hester slept here

I went to church in the morning and Bet, Pont and Hester went to Farm St. Bet and Hester lunched here and afterwards met Pont and went to Hamlet, had supper at Lyons Corner House, and then went on to friends, returning about 11 o'clock.

A Mr Rogers came to see my rooms but nothing came of it.

Toini has a sore leg. Dr Kheraraly saw it at the club and says she must keep it up as much as possible.

Princess Elizabeth had a son this evening.

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