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Week of 11 October 1948

Monday, 11 October 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

I had tea with Lil and looked in on Mabel on my way. She is still in bed with a heavy cold.

Tuesday, 12 October

The cold I've had for the last few days seemed heavier, and I stayed in bed till lunch and spent the rest of the day in the dining room as Martin's men were in the drawing room putting in the new fireplace.

Downpours of rain in the afternoon with thunder.

Read a lot of TS Eliot, did accounts, darned etc.

Wednesday, 13 October

Lunched with Kathleen Hill before going with her to the Cambridge Theatre to see Le Misanthrope acted by the Comédie Française. Quite excellent.

Toini has gone to Oxford for tonight and tomorrow; I am still living in the dining room.

Thursday, 14 October

I stayed indoors all day but did not stop in bed as there was no-one to fetch and carry for me.

Read a lot and squared up my accounts.

Friday, 15 October

Oswald slept here

My cold still heavy so I rang up Dr Moncrieff. She is ill again but Dr O'Hanlon came to see me and gave me some powders, and will come again on Monday. It is nothing but an ordinary cold and I feel better this evening.

Second medical visit this quarter.

Saturday, 16 October

Oswald went off after an early breakfast as usual. I felt very seedy with my cold, but got up before lunch as I was expecting my prospective tenant to come and see my rooms but she never turned up.

Mrs Neal gave the drawing room a thorough clean after the builders' work on the fireplace.

Toini got back at midnight last night. She had loved her time in Oxford.

Sunday, 17 October

Cold heavier than ever so I decided to spend all day in bed, and did not see a soul.

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