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Week of 4 October 1948

Monday, 4 October 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt very tired but better after tea when I mowed the lawn. Otherwise I did very little except for going down to the Free Library where I got my name down for Winston Churchill's book. Toini had a Norwegian friend to tea - very nice and pretty. A Mrs Beal married to an Englishman.

Tuesday, 5 October

Woke up feeling poorly and rang up to ask Dr Moncrieff to look in which she did about 12 o'clock. Her first visit since March 16th! She is only just back at work after an illness. She has prescribed for me and will see me again in a fortnight. Nothing wrong except the old trouble.

Anne sent up some wallflowers and I put them in before tea. Afterwards I took round some nasturtiums to Margaret Thompson. I had promised to go round tonight and sit with the children whilst G and M went to the cinema, but have put it off for a while. The Harrow school ? came to inspect the house today.

Dr Moncrieff's first visit this quarter.

Wednesday, 6 October

Put in remainder of wallflowers after lunch. Went to tea with Lil. She was looking exhausted and poorly after 3 bad nights.

My lodger, Miss Hoare, has got a secretarial post in Switzerland and will be leaving on 23rd inst.

Thursday, 7 October

I met Mabel at Debenham in Wigmore St and helped her to choose her winter coat. She came back to lunch with me but left early.

Later on I went to Regent's Park to see the dahlia border - very lovely.

Friday, 9 October

I shopped in morning and lunched with Enid. Looked in on Jane Morris to arrange for getting something to put into my winter hat. Came back in time for tea which I had out of doors but it turned cold immediately afterwards, and I lit my first fire of the season.

Saturday, 2 October

Reg slept here

Cooked in morning. Wilma arrived soon after 12.30 and we lunched and then she changed for the Norbury wedding.

Reg arrived about 4.30 and we had tea, and Wilma got back about 6 o'clock.

We all drove to Liverpool St where we saw Wilma off at 8 o'clock by the boat train for Harwich. We then dined together at the Station Hotel getting back here just before 10 o'clock.

Reg said he had never seen Wilma in such good looks and he greatly liked her new clothes.

Sunday, 10 October

Spent the morning with Reg who left after lunch for the farm. Not feeling up to much so spent most of the rest of the day reading on the sofa. Mabel is in bed with a cold, and Lil's maid likewise.

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