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Week of 18 October 1948

Monday, 18 October 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

Cold running the usual course. Dr O'Hanlon came to see me and advised me to stay in bed till she came again on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 19 October

Enid slept here

Cough troublesome. Enid came to sit with me about 12 o'clock and soon after I had a strange and quite new experience. A black-out which lasted about three quarters of an hour. I did not lose consciousness, and talked normally except that I had no recollection of where I was, and burst into tears when I saw Toini! It must have been very alarming for Enid. She rang up Dr Goxip, my panel doctor, but he is laid low with sciatica, but Dr Beaton, who is doing his work, came about 5 o'clock. Very reassuring. No stroke. I am to stay in bed till he comes to see me on Thursday. Enid very nobly insisted on staying the night.

Wednesday, 20 October

Enid slept here

Enid and I both had very good nights. I felt very exhausted and more than content to stay in bed. Enid got me fish for our supper and then went off to lunch with Eve, returning before 7 as she insisted on sleeping here again tonight.

Lil had a sandwich lunch in my room on her way back from the dentist. Enid rang up Reg from her house, and he rang me up in the evening . She also rang up Pips after supper and Pippa (who was coming up to town in any case) offered to come and spend the night with me tomorrow.

Thursday, 21 October

Pippa slept here

Slept well and felt much less exhausted when I woke. Dr Beaton turned up about 10 o'clock and was very pleased with my general condition. He sounded me and found some "fluffiness" at the base of the left lung and I am to have an X-ray when I am up and about again. He won't call again unless I call for him. He has given me a tonic. Pips arrived at 12 o'clock to leave her night things, and went off with Enid soon after. She (Pips) returned in time to get me my tea, and spent the rest of the evening in my room, cooked our supper and phoned Anne and Bet.

Friday, 22 October

Had a "crise des nerfs" during the night and felt poorly today. Pips did some local shopping for me before leaving about 12 o'clock.

Reg arrived after lunch and sat with me for an hour.

Pippa and Bet both rang up in the evening.

Saturday, 23 October

Wilma slept here

Wilma arrived soon after 10 o'clock, looking well in spite of a bad crossing. Had enjoyed her visit to The Hague but had not been wildly gay. She had a bath and fetched my medicine before an early lunch here. Waited in afterwards to show Mrs Dodd (a possible tenant) round the rooms, but she never turned up. Then paid Mabel a visit and had tea with Enid. Had supper up in my room and rang up Anne.

I phoned Dr Beaton and he told me to stay in bed today.

Sunday, 24 October

Had another horrid crise des nerfs during the night and felt very played out but got up and came down for lunch. Wilma had cooked a very nice rabbit dish. She also ironed the curtains in my ? room. Miss Giles (a possible tenant) came to see them, but nothing doing - not big enough.

Wilma left soon after 3 o'clock for Studley and Mabel arrived a bit later and stayed till nearly 7 o'clock. I went back to bed for supper.

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