Friday, 4 June 2010

Week of 23 August

Monday, 23 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

I shopped in Oxford St in the morning and in the afternoon went over to Lil and sat with her in Redcliffe Gardens and then had tea with her. Found her distinctly better. Left my Biro pen there, but Winifred her nurse brought it out to me after supper.

Tuesday, 24 August

47 Hamilton Terrace - North Eggardon Farm

A lovely morning. Packed and caught the 12.30 train from Paddington to Powerstock. Mrs Trafford and Allan came to see me off. No crowd. Pleasant journey and lunched in the train restaurant. Changed at Maiden Newton when it started to drizzle and reached Powerstock at 5 o'clock. Met by Pips and James in car, and Philippa in Toby. Drove through about a mile of green lane and many gates to the house. Very attractive, very old, with lovely views which alas were shrouded in a thick mist. They have done wonders with paint and distemper. After tea the children and I went mushrooming without success.

Wednesday, 25 August

North Eggardon Farm

Slept well and breakfasted in bed. Drove in to Bridport with Pippa, Nicky and James. It turned into a lovely sunny day. Brought a coach ticket from Bridport to Dawlish for next Tuesday, and wrote to May Henderson suggesting going over to her. Came back for a late lunch and rested afterwards. Later walked to the top of Eggardon Down. A gorgeous view with the sea in the distance. Lady Crutchley with her daughter and her niece Mrs Spencer came to see over the house.

Thursday, 26 August

Pippa, Jannine and the children went off for the day to the Bridport Agricultural Show and Oswald and I were left to ourselves. I worked hard in the jungle-orchard cutting down nettles almost as high as myself. The two Ryder brothers turned up in time for supper, and immediately afterwards started to put down lino in the bathroom!

Friday, 27 August

I felt very tired (due I think to extensive nettle stings) but I carried on with my work in the 'jungle' and enjoyed it. The men hard at work making a garage. Philippa and Nicky went over to the Crutchleys for tennis. He is their landlord (Sir Victor Crutchley VC), and has a wife, son at Dartmouth and a girl of Philippa's age.

Saturday, 28 August

Everyone hard at work and Jannine helped me in the orchard where we did great clearing. I felt rather overtired.

Sunday, 29 August

I took a stroll through the fields in the morning and rested in the afternoon, as did Pips whilst the Ryder brothers, Jannine and the children climbed Eggardon Hill.

After tea we drove in the two cars to Powerstock for evening service. A fine old church in lovely surroundings.

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