Friday, 4 June 2010

Week of 30 August 1948

Monday, 30 August

North Eggardon Farm

The most beautiful day of the lot, and though I woke feeling tired after a disturbed night I felt better than I had done all through my visit. Worked hard on the orchard which looks very different to when I came.

An old blue, Chris Bradbury, arrived in time for a late tea - very pleasant and easy. A nice girl friend of Sylvia also rode over on her pony to tea.

Tuesday, 31 August

North Eggardon Farm - Manshead Grange

Packed and drove in to Bridport with Pips, Arthur Ryder and James. Caught the Blue Royal Coach to Dawlish, leaving 1.3 and arriving 3.48. I was rather disappointed in the drive and lost my brooch en route! Was met by May's chauffeur. She and sister Sharpe opened the door for me and I was horrified by May's appearance and condition. Highly hysterical. We had tea and talked and then I unpacked and came down for a nice cold supper of chicken and salad. Altogether a difficult and depressing evening.

Wednesday, 1 September

Manshead Grange - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Had quite a fair night but woke depressed and tired. Got up for an 8.15 breakfast. Walked round garden, a sad sight. Tried to persuade May to leave the house but made no impression. She would not even consent to drive down with me to Dawlish!

Caught the 11.56 train back to town, arriving Paddington 4 o'clock. Pleased to get home and had a nice tea before unpacking. Much family telephoning.

Thursday, 2 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg rang me up in the morning. Mabel came to tea in the afternoon.

Tothy (the Swedish girl) rang me up in the evening and we arranged that she should come and see me tomorrow morning.

Friday, 3 September

I was expecting Tothy Ruso this afternoon for an interview but she couldn't find her way. She will try again tomorrow!

I lunched with Lil; it was one of her very seedy days. I got back here for tea.

Saturday, 4 September

Toine Ruso came to see me this morning and I have arranged for her to come next Tuesday on a month's trial.

I lunched with Enid after looking in on Mabel for a few minutes, and went and sat with Aunt Julia afterwards.

Sunday, 5 September

I went to church and stayed for the Eucharist - then on to lunch with Mabel - very nice - and got back in time for tea which I had on the loggia. Afterwards I mowed the lawn.

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