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Week of 27 September 1948

Monday, 27 September 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne and Sarah went out to Golders Green to their dentist there. Came back in time for an early lunch and then caught the 2.18 train to Colchester.

I rested in the afternoon, and after tea brought some home-grown runner beans to Margaret Thompson and sat with her while she gave Lucia her bath and her supper.

Tuesday, 28 September

I went to tea with Mabel where I met her new lodger Pamela Dennistown and also Flora Campbell. Feel tired and off colour.

Wednesday, 29 September

I woke very tired and stayed in bed till lunch time, and rested on the sofa the rest of the day and feel the better for it.

I entered up my investments in the half-used Simplex book which Reg has sent me. He rang me up this evening.

Thursday, 30 September

A lovely day and I felt less tired. Wilma rang up midday from Paddington (quite unexpectedly) to say she had come up for a few hours to try and buy a suit. We decided she had better be on her own but we kept in touch by phone, and she finally arrived soon after 4 o'clock having bought some clothes for The Hague. After a very hurried tea I saw her off at Paddington.

Returned home and about 7 o'clock Miss Hoare came up to tell me that her clock and wireless had disappeared. The painters suspected and I phoned CID and a detective was soon on the spot.

Friday, 1 October

A lovely day but I felt very tired. Police backwards and forwards. No trace of wireless or clock! They have searched the houses of both the painters and interrogated them. Martin has known one of them for years and the other is his brother in law!

I had tea with Lil - I thought her looking white and frail but she was in good form.

Saturday, 2 October

Kathleen Hill came to tea which we had out on the verandah. All the Thompson family turned up unexpectedly but did not stay for tea. Richard Hawson (a son of Deena's) and Stella Tyrell, Bertie's daughter, came in both before and after tea. All very pleasant but I felt very tired.

Sunday, 3 October

Mabel met met me at St John's Wood Chapel and came back with me for lunch and tea. She rested most of the afternoon. I did not think she looked well.

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