Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Week of 6 September 1948

Monday, 6 September 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

I shopped in morning. Went after lunch to Harrods to change books.

Had tea on loggia. Afterwards wrote letters and weeded the front garden.

Tuesday, 7 September

Anne and Sarah slept here

A very busy day preparing for the arrival of Anne and Sarah, and Toini Ruso. Toini turned up at 3.30 and Anne and Sarah an hour later, and we all had tea together in the drawing room. Anne and Sarah looking very well. Toini very shy but seems nice. I met Alice Parsons at 12.30 at Baker St Station and she took me to lunch at a very nice restaurant close by.

Wednesday, 8 September

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne, Sarah and I bussed down to Charing Cross where Anne got her passport photo taken, and then shopped together. I gave Anne a pair of brown corduroy slacks and Sarah a pretty little green dress. Got an ice cream brick for lunch. Anne went off again in the afternoon and Sarah and I rested. After tea we all worked in the garden.

Thursday, 9 September

Anne and Sarah slept here

I took Toini to the Food Office to get her ration book, and Mrs Trafford took Sarah and Allan to do my local shopping. Anne went off on her own. In the afternoon she took Sarah out to see Grattan's mother. They got back about 6.30.

I worked in the garden after tea.

Friday, 10 September

Anne went to her dentist in the morning. In the afternoon, she and Sarah rested and packed. I saw them off at Paddington by the 6.55 train for Fishguard. Sarah very excited but has a cold unfortunately. When I got back Mab rang me up to say Lil was less well and the doctor was bringing round a surgeon. Lil rang me up at 9 to say they had been and it was a case for an emergency operation for appendicitis and they were making arrangements to get her taken in somewhere.

Saturday, 11 September

Mabel rang up just before midnight last night to say the operation was over and completely satisfactory.

Mabel and I went together to the nursing home (99 Cromwell Rd) and saw Lil soon after 11 am. Found her surprisingly comfortable, and Mabel saw her again in the evening, phoned me to say that she was amazed at the improvement in her. I lunched with Mabel and had tea with her. Did a little gardening in the evening. Rang up Eric Howe, Alice Parsons and Reg.

Sunday, 12 September

Nicky slept here

Went to 10 o'clock service at Holy Trinity Brompton and then on to Lil's Nursing Home. She could not see me at first but I returned later. Very uncomfortable with flatulence, but all going well. Mabel came out to tea. I met Nicky at Paddington at 8 o'clock in a downpour of rain.

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