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Week of 13 December 1948

Monday, 13 December 1948

1 Pelham Place - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Feeling a bit better. Spent the morning at the Medici Gallery, S Ken, buying Christmas Cards. Then lunched with Lil and afterwards went to 146 Harley St and saw Dr Graham Howe at 3 o'clock. He found me very overtired and said he would like to put me to bed for a fortnight, seeing no-one - he suggested King's Langley or perhaps Studley. I was appalled by the idea and we agreed to leave it open until I saw him again on Jan 4th. He thinks a change of domestic would greatly help.

Tuesday, 14 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

Feeling definitely better. Lil rang up and suggested that I should go to her for a fortnight's rest, and I may do that on Saturday.

Reg turned up for an early tea, and after an early supper we went to Wyndham's Theatre to see The Giaconda Smile. Stalls and a car to take and fetch us. Very luxurious.

Wednesday, 15 December

Reg slept here

Feeling much better: a fraud!

Did a little local shopping in the morning, but did not go out after lunch. Reg went off early to meet Aline from Paris. Came back in time for tea.

Thursday, 16 December

Pippa and Philippa slept here

Fine day and I felt better. Joan Bruce arrived here about 11 o'clock and Reg took us both to the Cumberland Hotel (à la Fourchette) where we had an excellent lunch. He has a heavy cold. Then they went down to Horsham and I rested here till Pippa and Philippa turned up for tea. It was delightful having them and later they went to see Hamlet.

Friday, 17 December

Pips, Philippa and I went to Marylebone Station to meet James and they afterwards caught a 11.48 train to Horsham.

I have been busy all day here making arrangements for moving over to Lil tomorrow. Continuing to feel better.

Saturday, 18 December

47 Hamilton Terrace - 210 Coleherne Court

A very busy morning, packing, putting away silver, last minute directions, etc.

Drove over to Lil's about 3 o'clock and unpacked before tea, to which Roddy and Jeremy came. Both very nice but looking very tired.

Rested till supper after which we both went to bed, both feeling very tired.

Everything delightfully comfortable here.

Sunday, 19 December

210 Coleherne Court

A good night but felt very tired and stayed in bed all day, and was very thankful to be there.

Mabel came in for a little in the afternoon. Lil went over to the Berkeley to leave socks for Roddy and to say goodbye to them all before their start for Dieppe tomorrow.

Lil not feeling up to much today and Mabel has a shocking cold.

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