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Week of 20 December 1948

Monday, 20 December 1948

210 Coleherne Court

Felt much better today and bussed down to S Ken and got some cards.

Tuesday, 21 December

Felt very tired and stayed the whole day in bed - at least till supper time to be exact.

Wednesday, 22 December

Had interview with GH at 11 o'clock. He was very keen I should take a rest cure at Langley Rise and I agreed, and he will make the arrangements; I shall go towards the end of next week.

Mabel came to lunch and we had a lovely duck which Bet and Pont had sent us.

Both Pippa and Wilma rang up this evening, and I tried to ring up Anne but could get no answer.

Very cold today.

Thursday, 23 December

Felt very tired and stayed in bed till lunchtime, and did not go out at all.

Friday, 24 December

Christmas Eve

Lil and I lunched out at the Bolton to save Winifred preparing a meal.

Mabel came in late after having tea with Bianca Mins.

We all felt very tired.

Alice Pins died today.

Saturday, 25 December

I opened my lovely presents after breakfast and then bussed to Brompton Church for the 11 o'clock carol service, and stayed for Communion.

Mabel was already here for lunch when I got back and we had a fine feed of Lil's cockerel and Anne's pudding. Valborg turned up later. Lil and I rested and Mabel went off to visit Amy Birch. She did not get back till after we had finished tea. Great ?? difficulties and still worse when she went home for her supper.

Anne phoned in the evening. She and Sarah had had a good Christmas in spite of their colds.

Sunday, 26 December

Cold and very foggy.

Everyone tired after Christmas. I did not get up till just in time for supper.

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