Sunday, 18 July 2010

Week of 6 December 1948

Monday, 6 December 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt a lot better. I shopped locally in the morning and in Oxford Street in the afternoon, quite successfully.

Wilma phoned from Studley that she would come up on Thursday by coach to see Anne and me.

Tuesday, 7 December

Anne and Sarah slept here

Felt poorly all day. Mr Keiller, surveyor, inspected the house this morning and thought the necessary repairs could be left over till the summer.

Anne and Sarah turned up for lunch looking very well. They went off soon afterwards to Mabel and Enid.

Pips rang up in the evening. No further cases of IP, thank goodness.

Wednesday, 8 December

Anne and Sarah slept here

I felt much better. Anne and Sarah went off after breakfast for Xmas shopping and to lunch with Enid. They did not get back till teatime. I had an early lunch and then went to Kingsway Hall for a lecture by GH. Sat with Lil, and met Alice Parsons afterwards. Great doing up of Christmas parcels in the evening.

Thursday, 9 December

Anne and Sarah slept here

Wilma turned up for lunch and afterwards she and Anne went to see The Fallen Idol and then Wilma caught the 6.30 bus back to Oxford.

I kept Sarah during the afternoon. Unfortunately I felt pretty rotten and not able to enjoy anything. Anne very tired too and we went to bed early.

Friday, 10 December

Anne and Sarah left after breakfast to catch the 10.25 train to Colchester. I felt very tired and stayed in bed till after lunch. Told Toini that I had decided I must get someone more experienced. She took it very well.

Got my hair waved and had an electric massage, my third.


Saturday, 11 December

47 Hamilton Terrace - 1 Pelham Place

Lunched with Mabel. Enid and Lil there too (Lil very lame with lumbago). A pre-birthday munch. Afterwards Mabel and I met Kathleen at the Boltons Theatre where Mab had taken seats for Frolic Wind. Not outstanding but quite well acted.

I felt very over tired and took soneryl.

Sunday, 12 December

1 Pelham Place

Mabel's birthday and she was delighted with all her presents. She went to St Martin's and I to Holy Trinity Brompton.

After lunch we wrote and rested till we went out to tea with Flora Campbell in Carlyle Sq - a lovely house and a scrumptious tea. I felt very tired and Mabel too.

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