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Week of 27 December 1948

Monday, 27 December 1948

210 Coleherne Court

Still very tired and kept mostly to bed, but got up for tea to which Mabel came.

The third day without newspapers and no post.

Tuesday, 28 December

Lil and I both slept badly and felt poorly, but I got up and went out. I bought a nightgown and various odds and ends. Went back to bed after lunch.

Toini came in with some extra things for Langley Rise and I settled up with her. Mabel has given me a most lovely shawl for Langley Rise.

Wednesday, 29 December

A lovely sunny day, and though I had not had much sleep I felt much better. Spent the morning in bed and then lunched with Enid. Looked in on Mabel for five minutes and then bussed to Macarthur where I had electric massage, dry shampoo and wave. Did a little shopping in Clifton Road and got back for tea. We had RJ's pheasant for dinner, and I wrote to him afterwards. Lil very tired.

Thursday, 30 December

I spent all the morning unsuccessfully trying for bedroom slippers.

Rested in afternoon. Toini came over with RJ's suit and Mabel came to tea.

Lil very tired and overwrought.

Friday, 31 December

210 Coleherne Court - Langley Rise

A busy morning packing and phoning. Mabel sent me a gorgeous cyclamen. Drove down here after lunch in a comfortable car from Alliance Motors, stopping at the Hamilton to pick up my rug, and got here about 3.30. Unpacked and had tea and got to bed. Very tired but delighted with my room, and first impressions could not be more favourable. Heard church nearby ring in the New Year.

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