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Week of 22 November 1948

Monday, 22 November 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt very tired. Shopped (and lunched) at Bourne and Hollingworth and got several Christmas presents. Had hair washed and waved at Macarthur's and also had my first electric hair massage.

Back for tea and afterwards went over to see Lord Normanby about Fladgate Finch's letter re repairs to the house. He was very friendly and helpful and gave me a drink.

Tuesday, 23 November

I shopped in the morning, rested during the afternoon, and after an early tea met Geraldine Noyes at the Friends' House, Euston Sq for the annual National Book Club given by Lord Samuel, and afterwards had supper at Lyon's Corner House, Marble Arch.

Wednesday, 24 November

I shopped in Oxford Street in the morning. Mabel lunched with me. Later I went to Allsop's (the agent who sold me the house) and showed Miss Holden the letter I had had from Fladgate about repairs to the house. She will get their surveyor to ring me up and make an appointment.

Thursday, 25 November

I felt appallingly tired and stayed in bed till lunchtime, and rested again most of the afternoon.

Margaret and Francis Thompson came in for a few minutes in the afternoon.

I left at 7 o'clock for Caxton Hall, Westminster where I met Lil and Alice to hear a "back and forth" lecture on relationships given by Graham Howe and May Macaulay - very good but not outstanding with one or two exceptions, but I was really too tired to be a good judge.

Friday, 26 November

47 Hamilton Terrace - 1 Pelham Place

I took a Soneryl and slept splendidly but woke feeling dead to the world, and decided to give up all shopping plans. As a matter of fact I stayed in bed till 4 o'clock.

Went to Albert Hall where Alice Parsons had lent me her box. Met Ruth Browning there. Also Mabel, Margot Osborne and Joy. Mabel looked very poorly with a bad go of fibrositis. It was a good concert - Moseivitch, soloist, and Sir Malcolm Sergeant conducting. Afterwards Mabel, Margot, Joy and I walked back to S. Ken and I went on. I slept in Pamela Deniston's room, and was not comfortable.

Saturday, 70 November

1 Pelham Place - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Had a splendid night and woke feeling more rested. Very foggy and did not go out till 12, when I went across and sat with Enid and Eve and then on to Lil for lunch after which we had a long talk re seeing GH, Swanberg and various other alternatives. I got back here for tea by which time the fog was very black and thick.

Sunday, 28 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Fog still thick, but not quite as dense as last night. I felt better and went to 11 o'clock service at St John's Wood Chapel. I did not go out again, but spent most of the time between I and Thou (Martin Buber) and The House in Paris (Elizabeth Bowen).

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