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Week of 29 November 1948

Monday, 29 November 1948

47 Hamilton Terrace

Maye Bruce slept here

Very foggy but less so. I woke feeling much better, and did a successful morning's shopping at A and N stores where I had a snack lunch. Maye Bruce arrived at 4.30 and left at 6.30 for Hampstead where she is giving a lecture. GH's secretary phoned to fix an appointment for me to see him at 11 o'clock on Thursday.

Tuesday, 30 November

Fog as thick or thicker than ever. I went shopping in the morning and parted from Maye at Selfridge's.

Back here for lunch and did not go out again. Am feeling better today.

Wednesday, 1 December

I went and sat with Mabel for an hour. Mrs Howe rang up this morning to say that Eric was down with flu, so had to cancel my appointment for tomorrow, and also of course his lecture in the evening.

Diana Le Mesurier is to go in a nursing home tomorrow for a week or so, chest trouble but no TB.

Pont wrote to me privately today. It is as we feared.

Thursday, 2 December

I shopped in the morning and lunched at Fortes in Oxford Street. Not much success except for getting a pair of blue pyjamas for Wilma at Swan and Edgar.

Got back about 2.30 and lay down till teatime.

Friday, 3 December

I shopped locally in the morning, and Martin (builder) looked in to see the fireplace and arranged to repaint it.

In the afternoon out to Lil, and had tea and a rest in the spare room. Then on to supper with General and Mrs Davies, and afterwards she came with me to the Albert Hall for a Barbirolli concert. Pamela Denniston, Toini and Lilla also came.

Saturday, 4 December

I was out shopping in the morning - not very successful.

Dolly Etlinger came to tea with me in the afternoon.

Lil phones that Diana is not so well today, and sounds worried.

Sunday, 5 December

Slept badly and woke feeling all overish so did not go to church, but I lunched with Lil, then to see Enid and finally to tea with Mabel.

Toini poorly.

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